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Ghostbusters 2016 kostenlose filme -720p-MP4

Ghostbusters 2016 Ganzer Film Deutsch


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Ghostbusters 2016


143 Notiz




WMV 1080p


Action, Fantasy, Comedy




Clifton, Clarke N. Leaya, Corina D. Jobin

Ghostbusters 2016 Ghostbusters ganzer film deutsch, Ghostbusters online stream - Ganzer film, Ghostbusters ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

"While it falls short of nailing the anarchic spirit and character chemistry of Ivan Reitman’s beloved 1984 blockbuster, Feig and his cast of game comediennes deliver enough thrills and giggles to both justify the long-in-development franchise-starter and smother the internet’s white noise of negativity..."

Read the full review here: http://screen-space.squarespace.com/reviews/2016/7/12/ghostbusters.html
Filmmaker Paul Feig's **Ghostbusters** reboot pretty much followed the characteristic aspects of his previous films ("Bridesmaids", "The Heat", "Spy") all incorporating a self-awareness of female-oriented friendship and the estrogen-driven escapades rooted in inspired goofiness. So given this familiar foundation of Feig's big screen blueprint one would expect that his creative input into the continued Ghostbusters franchise for the millennium moviegoers would result in the heralded hype his film project is now enjoying at large. Sure, the feminine-charged **Ghostbusters** seemed like a radical concept and would obviously trigger the nostalgic sentiments (and comparisons) of the classic 80's comedy spearheaded by beloved on-screen paranormal hucksters Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. Nevertheless, singer Ray Parker Jr.'s lyrical catchphrase "Who you gonna call?" within the Ghostbusters theme song needs to be addressed accordingly. The answer: the handlers behind the original **Ghostbusters** film that could uplift the disjointed high jinks and synthetic silliness of Feig's current comedic ghostly she-power schlockfest.

It is only natural that **Ghostbusters** had high expectations for Sony Pictures to perform well given the aggressive marketing tactics, early release of the Ghostbusters movie trailer (which was heavily panned online) and the aforementioned cinematic legacy of the original film's fanatical following and reputation. However, this third installation of **Ghostbusters** feels curiously flat and strained in its stillborn witticism. The creep factor borders on campy and cheesy (although this effectively worked for Ivan Reitman's 32-year old spook-ridden farce in the eighties) for which in today's cinematic circle is inexcusable due to the edgier and challenging special effects that could have played up the whimsy and wonderment of this breezy, bubble-gum colored romp with seemingly low-grade spark and sizzle.

Feig's interpretation of the **Ghostbusters** universe could have been fresh and favorable especially with the colorful casting of his capable four female principals in the Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated Melissa McCarthy along with Saturday Night Live personalities Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Unfortunately for these noted funny ladies they were saddled (or slimmed if you will) by a transparent script almost as invisible as the pesky ghosts they are trying to pacify. The recycled by-the-numbers hilarity and hysteria does not make this brand of ghost-busting quite distinguishing. Chemistry-wise, the Ghostbuster gals seem to revel in the collective merry-minded mischievousness and genuinely try to bring energy and outrageous antics to this flaccid frightfest. Still, the mixture of Ghostbusters' gooey gumption with a dash of egghead feisty femininity never seems to translate into anything beyond the tired gimmick of promoting another excuse to tap into yesteryear's profitable fun and frolic that made the wise-cracking Murray and his klutzy cohorts so amusing and welcomed in their rollicking ghostly gem from the Reagan-era.

Quite frankly the notion that **Ghostbusters** is unfairly being knocked for its misogynistic overtones fueled by bias Internet-based fanboys not accepting that nerdy womanly scientists cannot fill the shoes of their revered male counterparts from the previous two predecessors is somewhat misleading. Sure, the decision to cast an all-female **Ghostbusters** team turned some curious heads but for the most part many thought this to be rather intriguing and experimental. The actual disdain can be pinpointed to the fact that Feig's flimsy boo-spewing fable is grounded in cliched and forced chuckles, weak-kneed jokes and gags, lazy writing and uninspired visual neon lighting techniques that look like a cheapened explosion from a vintage late 70's New York discotheque.

Unfortunately, **Ghostbusters** wallows in mediocrity and fails to capture the acquired giddiness and imagination so pronounced in the prior entertaining installments. Even if the original actors in Murray, Aykroyd, the late Ramis and Hudson had decided to reprise their roles under Feig's problematic production the results would be the same--an aimless reboot without any definitive bite or backbone for a cobbled comedy that is slight and stretched thin to its toothless core. Amazingly, **Ghostbusters** cannot decide if it should remain faithful to its humble roots (it does help trivially that iconic Ghostbuster notables make scattered cameos--sans Rick Moranis--including that glorified scene-stealer in the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as well as hot dog gulper Slimer) or venture off into something resembling its own goofy identity and distinction. Either way the third time around simply meanders in over-produced, noisy emptiness.

The so-called plot in **Ghostbusters** focuses on college professor Erin Gilbert (Wiig presumably in the Murray/Dr. Peter Venkman role) and her fascination with ghost activities that end up costing her an academic career in the process. Specifically, Erin's controversial book that she wrote along with co-author Abby Yates (McCarthy) served as the basis for her firing. Abby's obsession with ghosts still has her invested with this spirit phenomenon that she researches defiantly with her kooky associate Jillian Holtzman (McKinnon) in tow. Eventually, it would take the trio's status of joblessness (not to mention a run-in with a slim-spewing ghost that loves soaking humans with its sticky green goo) to collaborate on going into business as paranormal exterminators out to showcase their expertise in "busting ghosts".

In the meanwhile, there is something brewing in the twisted mind of supernatural-loving freak Rowan North (Neil Casey). After all, he is the lost soul responsible for unleashing the onslaught of riff-raffish apparitions upon New York City courtesy of his miserable, lonely existence. Now it is up to Erin, Abby and Jillian to eliminate Rowan's sinister agenda and eradicate the spooky pests that he has manipulated to cause the city-wide panic. As Internet sensational darlings, the Ghostbusters are committed to step up to the plate as the sassy saviors they were meant to be since going into the ghost-busting industry.

The later arrival of street-wise transit worker Patty Tolan (Jones) completes the Ghostbusters' quartet. Patty, whose run in with one of the slimy ghosts in the subway tunnel was pivotal to joining the three scientists, has something to offer the ghost-chasing brainiacs--a.) her knowledge of the city's whereabouts and b.) her funeral director uncle's hearse that serves as the official transportation for the Ghostbusters.

Overall, the third outing regarding this toothless entry **Ghostbusters** notoriously lacks the robust impishness and rapport of the male character counterparts that were devilishly drawn together and cemented by Murray's droll humor. Here, the ladies come off as bland and indifferent--at least for the Paul McCartney and John Lennon of the team in Wiig's Erin Gilbert and McCarthy's Abby Yates. McKinnon's Jillian Holtzman is the only truly spry Ghostbuster who is credible as an off-kilter genius ditz with off-the-wall likability. Some may gravitate towards Jones's stereotypical brassy black chick with the brash quips and animated overreactions. Although Jones brings in the high-wire urbanized smirks in contrast to her quieter, geekier counterparts it is cringe-worthy watching her play an over-the-top, towering, mouthy cultural exaggeration that is woefully embarrassing for the sake of this dismissive. hedonistic hoot.

Ironically it is the hunky Chris Hemsworth that fares decently as the handsome himbo Kevin, the dim-witted **Ghostbusters'** male assistant that serves as the doltish eye candy for the cerebral lasses, particularly for the smitten Erin. Another SNL alum, Cecily Strong, checks in as the menacing mouthpiece from the Mayor's office that tries to discredit the popular ghost-busting technicians as "sad, thrill-seeking women".

Feig, serving as both the film's director and co-screenwriter (along with "The Heat" scriber Katie Dippold) has no cohesive vision for the listless **Ghostbusters** and could have used some critical pointers in studying the proven anatomy of what made Reitman's nostalgic vehicle so engaging that still thrives after three decades since coming into the movie audience's consciousness. From the lame and limping laughs dipped in cartoonish crudeness (i.e. a male ghost gets a rousing jolt to his "junk" courtesy of his heroic ghost-busting detractors) to musical acts Fall Out Boy's/Missy Elliott's relentlessly unrecognizable, erratic and choppy remake of the aforementioned Parker's infectious **Ghostbusters'** theme song in this regurgitated comedy that has no excuse for catering to a lackluster rebirth while die hard and casual fans patiently waited for a festive follow-up from Murray and crew for thirty-plus years.

To randomly quote a classic **Ghostbusters'** lyrical line: "I ain't afraid of no ghosts". This may be the case but one should be very afraid of this heavy-handed banal boofest for wasting their time, anticipation and consideration.

**Ghostbusters (2016)**

Sony Pictures

1 hr. 44 mins.

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Chris Hemsworth, Neil Casey, Cecily Strong, Charles Dance, Michael Kenneth Williams, Matt Walsh, Ed Begley, Jr.

Directed and Co-Written by: Paul Feig

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Genre: Comedy/Supernatural/Science Fiction/Action and Adventure

Critic's rating: ** stars (out of 4 stars)

--Frank Ochieng (c) 2016
I was determined to see this movie on opening day. Female cast, Paul Feig (a Michiganian who included a Michigan line in the film), a couple fistfuls of ridiculousity on social media. When the movie started, I was one-eyeing the screen. Waiting for it. Oh oh. Fart joke. Oh oh. Kristen Wiig still can't make her eyes look interested. Then Charles Dance shows up with his serious comic tongue stuck in his cheek to admonish Prof. Gilbert that if she is serious about tenure, she needs to find a more prestigious university recommendation. "More prestigious? Than Princeton?" Now I know the deadpan eye comic genius of Wiig, too. From that point on, I was in love with the story. Katie Dippold cowrote the film. She has a bit part as the real estate agent showing the team the 1984 movie's fire station to rent. I want more of her screenwriting. The dialogue is witty, sharp, real. While I liked the 1984 Ghostbusters, it's a buddy movie. Dudes in the treehouse with no girls allowed spelled wrong nailed to the door. Smug, chirpy, guybonics. Venkman electrocuting rivals in the lab: using paranormal research to get dates. Annie Potts drooling over Spengler. Sigourney Weaver in a diaphanous dress, draped on a parapet waiting for the Gatekeeper. The sore spots in 1984 are sprayed away in 2016 without gender disrespect. Gilbert gets to drool over the pretty doofus administrative assistant. When you see this movie, watch all the credits. Chris Hemsworth is a clearly confident actor - he dives pelvis-first into the Kevin role, and it's hilarious. I'm still searching for the creator of the titles and end credits. Excellent art. The poster? Not so much. Hemsworth needs to be behind the four leads. Geez. Casting hit a lick with Kate McKinnon as Holzmann. She is fantastic bringing Harold Ramis' genius back to life. Leslie Jones as Patty: so good, and she has some of the juiciest lines, delivered with haute sass. There are really well-placed cameos by 1984's cast, including birthing one of the movie's best lines "safety lights are for dudes." 2016 Ghostbusters is a great fun movie, and I'll watch it more than once again. One of the brilliant visuals that I was thrilled with - the stream from the proton packs tied up the ghosts. Wrapped, pinned, contained lassoed. Genius analogy for what to do with obsolete stereotype. There's a lassoed line in the film while the Ghostbusters are reading the internet reaction to their first catch. "Ain't no bitches gonna catch no ghosts." Yeah. Watch this.
Unfortunately this has become because of political correctness and its backlash almost impossible to rate objectively. In the 2016 North American wish to either redo every successful film ever made and present every conceivable variant in the process, for what could be deemed the lack of any possible originality of ideas, I still tried to enter this with an open mind, and see this as if the two films from the 80's (which I enjoyed very much the one time I saw each of them) had never existed. I should state I saw this in 3D (which I hardly ever do), with my lady and our respective sons.

I felt that it was quite funny and that the special effects were excellent. Next to 'Avatar', the use of 3D was the best I have ever seen. It's a popcorn flick well-worth seeing. Though I haven't seen any other movies by Feig or starring McCarthy, it made me want to go back and give them a shot at some time in the near future. There was something for everyone--both my lady and I enjoyed it very much--and the boys, three and thirteen years-old respectively, loved it as well. Give it a shot.
A SCREEN ZEALOTS REVIEW www.screenzealots.com

There’s an arbitrary sense of nostalgia that unfairly permeates audience perceptions of the new female-centric “Ghostbusters” reboot. I love the original 1984 film too; I wore out my VHS cassette when I was a kid and I’ve probably seen the movie dozens of times, including special theatrical re-releases and anniversary screenings. It’s almost as if all of this animosity is seen as a badge of honor for ‘serious movie fans.’

All of this badmouthing is truly unwarranted, especially if you actually go back and rewatch the original. Sure, the movie has comedy legend Bill Murray, the hilarious Rick Moranis, and memorable performances from Harold Ramis, Sigourney Weaver and Dan Aykroyd. It introduced us to the characters we all still love decades later, and made lines like “tell him about the Twinkie” a permanent part of movie nerd vocabulary. But to all the haters I say this: you are being very, very unfair. The 1980s era film has a lot of boring sequences and lags quite a bit, and as is the case with many movies, sometimes our nostalgia creates pretty thick rose colored glasses. We tend to only remember the good in our childhood favorites.

Put aside your bias: the new “Ghostbusters” honors the legacy of the original, is a fun retelling of the classic story, and it does not disappoint. THIS MOVIE IS FUNNY! THIS MOVIE IS ACTUALLY GOOD!

There are a couple of minor hiccups along the way (as with most comedies, not every joke sticks, and the ghastly Missy Elliott / Fall Out Boy remake of the already awful Ray Parker Jr. song “Ghostbusters” makes an unwelcome appearance), but overall the movie is a success. At first it may feel weird to see women Ghostbusters but any skepticism will quickly fade (there’s a new generation of young girls who will undoubtedly be inspired by these characters).

When estranged childhood friends and paranormal enthusiasts Erin (Kristen Wiig) and Abby (Melissa McCarthy) reunite, sparks are rekindled and they decide to get back to their ghost chasing roots. The smartypants duo is joined by weirdo nuclear engineer Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) and subway worker Patty (Leslie Jones). When Manhattan starts to experience boatloads of specter activity, the friends get started on some good old fashioned poltergeist hunting.

A big part of why this movie works is the comedic talent of these women; their chemistry is evident and they play well off each other, and the positive themes of loyalty and friendship never once feel fake. All of the actors are proficient at physical comedy and all have impeccable timing. This movie is very funny and the jokes had (and kept) me laughing from the beginning (there’s a particularly hilarious sequence at a heavy metal concert that’s worth the price of admission).

Rounding out the amusing performances is Chris Hemsworth as Kevin, a completely clueless stud muffin who is hired as the women’s receptionist solely based on his beefcake good looks. This feminist spin on the dumb secretary stereotype is exactly the type of lampoon I was hoping for here. In fact, the film doesn’t shy away from all of the lady haters either: there are lots of self-referential bits that directly address all of the critics (my favorite being Holtzmann’s ‘One of the Boys‘ t-shirt). Girl power!

Fans of the original will also appreciate several in-jokes and references, and there’s a long line of fun cameos (which I won’t spoil here: just keep your eyes open and be sure to stay through the end credits)! The special effects have been given a serious upgrade as well: these ghosts look real, feel real, and are appropriately scary-yet-funny. When the ladies first fired up their proton packs, I began cheering internally.

“Ghostbusters” is exactly what a summer movie is supposed to be. It’s big in scope, it’s full of hearty laughs, it’s filled with terrific performances from all of the leads, it’s stuffed with stunning special effects, and it’s something the entire family can enjoy. All of you naysayers really need to lighten up because this is a really, really fun movie.

**A SCREEN ZEALOTS REVIEW www.screenzealots.com**
**The ghosts are real and the scientists are hunting them down!**

First of all I am not a fan of the original film, but I enjoyed watching them. So I anticipated this film for the updates to deliver what I'm looking for, including some good jokes, but I found it an average film. I am very interested to have the women's version of hit the films and vice versa, but there are not many films in this category. All I wanted was 'The Expendables', but they made this one. I think it was a great idea, though the execution was really impressive.

The story was okay type, they kept it very simple. No big developments, except two main characters. But all the four women were good, along with Chris Hemsworth as a worthy sidekick. The director whose favourite casting actress, Melissa McCarthy's fourth film with him in four years and he did his job well, but the screenplay lets the film down.

There's no major comparison with the original, because this is a reboot and obviously has similar appeal from visual to comedies. Except they talk too much science thing because of todays advanced science. The disappointments are the ghosts, the film did not give preference for them to show their atrocities. I mean the perspective was always from the women gang who fights them. Definitely a one time watchable film, for its decent graphics, performances and some good comedies.

**The ghosts are real and the scientists are hunting them down!**

First of all I am not a fan of the original film, but I enjoyed watching them. So I anticipated this film for the updates to deliver what I'm looking for, including some good jokes, but I found it an average film. I am very interested to have the women's version of hit the films and vice versa, but there are not many films in this category. All I wanted was 'The Expendables', but they made this one. I think it was a great idea, though the execution was really impressive.

The story was okay type, they kept it very simple. No big developments, except two main characters. But all the four women were good, along with Chris Hemsworth as a worthy sidekick. The director whose favourite casting actress, Melissa McCarthy's fourth film with him in four years and he did his job well, but the screenplay lets the film down.

There's no major comparison with the original, because this is a reboot and obviously has similar appeal from visual to comedies. Except they talk too much science thing because of todays advanced science. The disappointments are the ghosts, the film did not give preference for them to show their atrocities. I mean the perspective was always from the women gang who fights them. Definitely a one time watchable film, for its decent graphics, performances and some good comedies.

This movie was a huge disappointment! The only positive thing I can say about it is that the special effects where not half bad. The movie itself was childish, unfunny, unintelligent and generally really bad.

Some reviews giving this movie 9 or 10 stars (which is just ludicrous) are saying that people cannot handle the feminism in the movie. What feminism? Replacing the original actors with women is not feminism as far as I am concerned and anyway, if you care about such things should it not have been two women and two men to be politically correct? Also, the supposedly intelligent women in this movie behave in a typical old-fashioned Hollywood stereotype of women way. They are mostly downright silly. If I were a feminist I would actually have been insulted by this movie.

Then we have the male clerk that is dummer than a piece of rock. If someone had stacked four supposedly intelligent men and a single blond bimbo that is totally devoid of any trace of intelligence together in a movie the social justice warriors would have cried foul so loud that you could hear it across the planet. But since it is four women and a stupid male it is okay (not really). It is even feminism according to some people. What a load of bollocks.

There is actually a story in the movie although it is well hidden under the silly jokes and silly behavior. It is paper thin and rather silly in itself but it could have worked if the rest of the movie was up to snuff but sadly it is not.

As I wrote above the only good thing about this movie is the special effects. The few scenes that I actually enjoyed was during the big shoot out at the end which had some cool moments. I especially liked when Jillian pulls a pair of pistols out of her Ghostbuster suit and goes on a ghost killing spray.

Apart from that this movie is best forgotten.
This movie is horrible. It plays like an overly long SNL sketch. The only saving grace is that this lost so much money that there will not be a sequel. Unfortunately for the fans, this means that the franchise is likely dead in the water for a long time.
This movie is a disaster. The casting is way off. The special effects are mediocre. The story is merely a retread from the original... and they shoot the original logo in the crotch. There is nothing good about this production. What a waste of a perfectly good franchise.
As a male nerd who grew up in the 1980's watching both original movies and the cartoon, running around with my toy proton pack and catching imaginary ghosts in my basement, I should be of the demographic complaining about how this ruins my childhood or that a cast of all women is just a stunt in the name of political correctness, or whatever their issue is. But the truth is, I REALLY enjoyed this movie.

The four female leads were absolutely hilarious--especially Kate McKinnon who steals every scene she is in. The other three characters have more growth, more of a story arc, and are more fleshed out as people in general. But McKinnon makes the most out of the available material and creates a very fun and memorable character.

The comedy of the 2016 version, while equally effective, is completely different from the dry humor of the original. The absence of Dan Aykroyd's and Harold Ramis's ludicrously funny lines delivered with a straight face, and the deadpan humor of Bill Murray has been switched out with a more over-the-top and in-your-face style of humor. It's not as subtle. Ghostbusters (1984) made me chuckle; Ghostbusters (2016) made me laugh out loud.

While a lot of the original's comedy came from the ghosts themselves, i.e. that they're funny instead of legitimately scary, the new version reverses that. There is some very creepy imagery involving things like old timey parade balloons, ghosts pushing against mirrors, and other things that seemed inspired by American Horror Story. Plus, there were some good jump scares, boo moments, that actually caught me off guard.

Much like a guitar amp out of Spinal Tap, this film turns both the scares and the comedy up to 11 with great results.

I haven't had this much fun at a movie in a long time. The trailer is NOT a valid way to judge this film. The trailer seemed to splice together all the ineffective moments and jokes of the film. But those were the exceptions and not the rule. The rule here is fun, entertainment, laughs, and the occasional scare. When the film works, it works remarkably.

The only real misstep was Chris Hemsworth's character. While the gender role reversal of the hot blonde ditz secretary was brilliant and long overdue in a mainstream summer movie, he was just too dumb to be believable. The character of Kevin belonged in a cartoon and not a legitimate movie.

The best line in the movie references Jaws and Annie Potts' cameo made me cheer.


If you've already decided you hate this movie without even seeing it, you probably won't like it. That's how these things usually work. But, if you have an open mind and are reserving judgement, I suggest you see it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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The Social Network 2010


175 kleinst




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Ashni, Assia F. Azeemah, Ruban U. Siyanna

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Hidden Figures 2016


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Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2015


126 Notiz




MPEG-2 1440p


Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy




Luana, Taliyah M. Archit, Shaniya T. Jessica

Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens ganzer film deutsch, Star Wars: The Force Awakens online stream - Ganzer film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

So where were you when the Science Fiction cinema sensation ‘Star Wars’ took shape and captured the imagination of the massive global moviegoers’ escapist expectations back in 1977? Regardless of whether you existed thirty-eight years ago or not, the legend of George Lucas’ highly-heralded SF blockbuster that shattered box office records worldwide was automatically engrained in your cinematic psyche. Now nearly four decades later, the motion picture phenomenon that took place in ‘a galaxy a long time ago…far, far away’ has come to expand its entertaining promise and prominence even after numerous servings of movie sequels, television specials and other fanfare attributes that promoted the ‘Star Wars’ agenda throughout the countless years.

The modern-day arrival of yet another ‘Star Wars’ edition in the millennium movie-making age of technical and tactical brilliance is quite fitting and filmmaker J.J. Abrams is the right choice to helm this sacred film franchise and present a whole new litany of continuing adventurous narratives for a new generation of ‘Star Wars’ personalities dipping their tenacious toes into ‘the force of goodness’ battling ‘the dark side’ of authoritative evil.

In Abrams’s reboot ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, the anticipation of enhancing and enlightening the reputation and respect of the Lucas landscape of stormtroopers, light sabres and of course the iconic ‘Star Wars’ returnees from the treasured trio of Harrison Ford (Han Solo)/Carrie Fisher (Leia) and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) registers with a nostalgic blast of appreciation and exhilaration. ‘The Force Awakens’ is a sheer big screen celebration of majestic impishness and intrigue that will fortify the hunger of both casual and rabid ‘Star Wars’ fanatics. Indeed, the hype is warranted and Abrams, the mastermind of the big-budget movie sequelitis, is in top form as he triumphantly presents ‘The Force Awakens’ on a prized silver platter designed for its surging golden moments of charged ebullience.

In looking at the numbers game that is connected to the overall ‘Star Wars’ universe, it is hard to believe that the last prequel was released just a decade ago. Furthermore, it is mind-boggling that the aforementioned ‘Star Wars’ ‘royalty’ in Ford, Fisher and Hamill have shared the same space on film for the first time in over three decades since they last were featured in a ‘Star Wars’ movie together. Nevertheless, no one can deny that ‘The Force Awakens’ does not take the challenge in combining the remembrance of the ‘Star Wars’ installments of yesteryear with the fresh brand of current upstarts willing to engage in another boisterous saga that begins a whole chapter of compelling wonderment. The mix of veterans and novices in ‘The Force Awakens’ is quite interesting but the familiarity of the storytelling heft of good vs. evil is always a solid sell in the realm of the ‘Star Wars’ utopia.

The good news is that ‘The Force Awakens’ not only serves as a bridge that crosses both boundaries past and present in ‘Star Wars’ folklore but it taps into the masterful mystique that Lucas and company worked so diligently to showcase so historically some thirty-eight years ago. Still, some may have lobbied for a stronger storyline in ‘The Force Awakens’ as they may gently dismiss it as being merely thin in its premise while viewing it primarily as a launching pad to develop yet another series of movies to create the ‘Star Wars’ juggernaut for this current-day climax of warped speed wizardry. For those that want a basic outline of ‘The Force Awakens’ pulse it is as such where the beloved yet aging tandem of standouts Han Solo and Chewbacca (yes, good old hulking and walking hairball Chewie is back) is helping out heroic new bloods’ Rey and Finn (played by Daisy Ridley and John Boyega)’ in an effort to groom them for combating the emergence of Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), a villainous representative from the Dark Side of the Force.

Basically, ‘The Force Awakens’ is a grand and stirring homage to the prolific Science Fiction/space fantasy that dared to soar its ambitious wings while taking the old-fashioned concept of the good guys sparring with the bad guys and spinning a whimsical web of dark imperialism while searching for the intrinsic value of brotherhood. One cannot imagine the vitality of ‘Star Wars’ without the inclusion of notable and favorite characterizations that were instrumental in inviting a ravenous response to this filming phenom that has existed in your pop cultural lives for too many years to recount. In addition to joining top dogs in Ford’s Han Solo, Hamill’s Luke Skywalker, Fisher’s General Leia Organa (the former Princess Leia to all you old school ‘Star Wars’ enthusiasts out there) and Peter Mayhew’s Chewbacca, there is the welcomed presence of C3-PO (Anthony Daniels) as well. As for C3-PO’s newest sidekick BB-8, a mechanical rolling ball robot, he is the R2-D2 replacement that should easily win the heart of the kiddies looking for a cute contraption of a companion to treasure on the spot. It should be pointed out that ‘The Force Awakens’ is set 30 years from the last installment and thankfully this update has not lost a magical step since that time.

Anyhow, the First Order’s solar system mechanism needs to be destroyed and must be eradicated by the young talents in spunky and pretty Rey (think the athletic female version of Luke Skywalker) as she teams up with former stormtrooper Finn, a warrior with an uncharacteristic compassion for not killing any designated weak soul as instructed. Naturally, this duo (while under the tutelage of the mature and ragged-looking Han Solo) has their hands full as they clash with the nefarious General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson from ‘Brooklyn’) and his Special Forces protégé Kylo Ren that strikes an immediate comparison to ‘Star Wars’ most notorious bad boy in the deliciously ruthless Darth Vader.

Daisy Ridley's Rey and John Boyega's Finn are having a blast as the touted twosome out to save the day in J.J. Abram's celebrated STAR WARS reboot THE FORCE AWAKENS
Daisy Ridley’s Rey and John Boyega’s Finn are having a blast as the touted twosome out to save the day in J.J. Abram’s celebrated STAR WARS reboot THE FORCE AWAKENS
Thankfully, the majority of the audience may recall similar elements in ‘The Force Awakens’ that was touched upon in ‘Star Wars’ editions such as ‘A New Hope’ and ‘Return Of The Jedi’ where the same structure and theme of the plot points are somewhat revisited. As charming and stimulating as ‘The Force Awakens’ appears in its glorious presentation of being a beautifully shot and visually vibrant popcorn piece, the real find in Abrams’ spectacular space-aged spectacle is Ridley’s heroine Rey, whose emotional and physical commitment to this futuristic fable feels grounded in genuine suspense and praise. Ridley has legitimate game and carries this hot and heavy galactic actioner on her sturdy shoulders with the overwhelming pressure of headlining a cinema giant looking the re-enter the consciousness of rabid ‘Star Wars’ aficionados everywhere. Clearly, we are invested in Ridley’s Rey whose feistiness never undercuts her feminine convictions or courageousness. She runs circles around her male co-stars in fellow ‘Star Wars’ newbies Boyega/Finn and Driver/Kylo Ren and her sense of empowerment is what drives the authentic Force behind Abrams’ inherited ‘Star Wars’ workload.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ gleefully ignites the flashy flames of giddiness that we all associate with George Lucas’ indomitable big screen creation. The signature flourishes from composure John Williams’ commanding musical score to the stunning and innovative technical tweaking to the mixture of the old and new guard in front of the camera all make for an eventful and exciting return to the universal staging for a movie-making moment that will stand the test of time, the immense pop cultural movement at the movies known as ‘Star Wars’.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)


2 hrs. 15 mins.

Starring: Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Peter Mayhew, Domhnall Gleeson, Lupita Nyong’o, Andy Serkis, Gwendoline Christie, Kenny Baker, Anthony Daniels and Max von Sydow

Directed and Co-Written by: J.J. Abrams

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Genre: Science Fiction/Action and Adventure/Space Fantasy

Critic’s rating: *** stars (out of 4 stars)

(c) Frank Ochieng 2015
A very entertaining film filled with immensely fun nostalgic moments and lots of laughs, but this is movie is not perfect, no it is not.

**Spoiler alert!!**

This movie is an exact copy of the 4th one and this frustrates me more than it should. Although new characters and mysteries were introduced, the plot was too similar to the 4th film, but hey, at least they blew up the republic so no more boring bureaucracy!
One more thing that bothered me a lot is Kylo ren, not the character, the actor. I mean they couldn't pick an uglier wimp? I mean no offense Adam Driver, but bad guys need to look badass, and once you took of your helmet, you lost all hope of becoming a badass.


Definitely a movie worth watching despite minor setbacks.
Slumber Earthquake.

There really is no point trying to do an in depth review of this, it falls in line with a number of series blockbusters that are guaranteed to garner rabid responses, pro and con.

The Force Awakens is a film of many flaws, it has a pungent whiff of safeness about it, the charges of it being a glitzy remake are fair enough, while certain plot strands are frustrating and set to be big talking points for years - and years - to come.

Yet what about its worth to someone who is not obsessed with every finer detail? Someone who just loves the Star Wars universe as a spectacle prism of entertainment, and has just wanted a Star Wars film worthy of being fit to sit alongside that original trilogy?

This made me feel 11 again, took me back to a time in 1977 when I queued for three hours to see such wonders on the big screen. The Force Awakens is, in spite of the recognised flaws, a loving homage to a past love. It's sly with humour and nods to foundations, a blitzkrieg of effects and sound work (my Blu-ray viewing had my sub-woofer doing a jitterbug in the lounge), and it doesn't shy from surprise or the dangling of the carrot.

The makers have big heart and technical invention, the cast vibrant, spunky and strongly committed to the cause - the old hands a very reassuring presence - Yeah, so it's not sci-fi perfection, or any Star Wars geeks' idea of the perfect Star Wars movie (oh J.J. Abrams you devil you!), but it made this middle aged guy shed a tear of happiness. A moment to reaffirm why - as a young lad - I fell in love with film in the first place. 9/10
**The Force Awakens: A New Hope 2.0**

The highly-anticipated follow-up to the Original Trilogy treads through familiar waters, taking the "safe route" approach. Though The Force Awakens has its fair share of phenomenal moments and is definitely an improvement over the Prequel Trilogy, its reliance on using the Original Trilogy (mainly A New Hope) as a template feels nothing more than an imitation of events that occurred prior.

At the end of Return of the Jedi, the Empire suffered a great loss, with the destruction of the Second Death Star and deaths of The Emperor and Darth Vader. It was implied that Luke, the last surviving Jedi, would restart a New Jedi Order (based on Expanded Universe media, which has been declared non-canon by Disney). That is indeed what happens; however, a rogue student of Luke's slaughtered his peers, seduced by the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order and adopts a new identity as Kylo Ren. In summary, the Jedi Order did indeed happen (off-screen), but gets wiped out (off-screen, again), leaving Luke the last surviving Jedi and retreats into exile (off-screen... seeing a pattern?). The Empire is basically resurrected as the First Order, with the Rebel Alliance becoming the Resistance, and once again, they're tasked with destroying a gigantic ball of death. Sounds an awful lot like A New Hope, as a modern-day "soft reboot."

Droid carrying top-secret info? Check.
Villain dressed in black with mask? Check.
Protagonist lives on desert planet? Check.
Discover that they're indeed Force-sensitive? Check.
Han Solo and Chewbacca escorting our heroes to destination? Check.
A cantina featuring a cantina band? Check.
Mentor figure (Obi-Wan in ANH, Han Solo in TFA) killed by villain? Check.
Battle of Death Star (Yes, I'm calling Starkiller Base a Death Star)? Check.
Does big ball of death get destroyed? Check.

Rey is indeed a Force-sensitive individual, but throughout the movie, she is just as good a pilot as Han Solo, is able to use a Jedi mind trick with ease, and easily overcomes the villain (Though it could be argued that due to Kylo Ren's injury from Chewbacca, he was weakened). There better be a damn good explanation as to why Rey is so strong with the Force when The Last Jedi is released. Anakin and Luke required training to become a Jedi, Rey is basically a pro with little to absolutely no training.

Finn... Though I did enjoy the idea of a Stormtrooper defecting from the First Order and eventually helping out the heroes, Finn got annoying quick. From cringe-worthy lines to his constant "Gotta get away from the First Order" state of mind, he should have been a more battle-hardened individual who eventually became disillusioned with the First Order. His more cowardly approach to defecting wasn't very well-executed. But I gotta admit that the relationship between him and Poe Dameron was well-done. Didn't feel forced, just felt natural. Him standing up to Kylo Ren in a duel made me respect his character a lot more. His battle with the other Stormtrooper was just amazing. I'm honestly hoping his character develops more in The Last Jedi.

I liked Poe Dameron from the get-go. From being a smart-ass to Kylo Ren to taking out multiple TIE Fighters, Poe is definitely a welcome new character to the Star Wars universe. Especially BB-8, just an absolute ball of cuteness. BB-8 was one of the two new characters that really stood out to me. Funny how Star Wars manages to make you like the droids so much.

Han Solo and Chewbacca play a substantial role in this film. Han Solo's death was beyond tragic, just seeing an iconic character we saw develop from a selfish, Force-denying individual to taking charge in dire times (putting his life on the line). Once Han Solo yelled out his son's name, I knew his time was up. Leia, now a General, doesn't really get much time to shine. She and Han have been broken up for some time now (I'm guessing since Ben Solo became Kylo Ren), but their bantering still remains. C-3PO (now with a red arm) and R2D2 (in low power mode due to Luke's departure) are basically given minimal roles in favor of BB-8. Luke Skywalker made an appearance in the very final moments of the movie, but does not utter a word. Just seeing his expression when Rey hands him his father's lightsaber was more than enough.

A quick summary of other characters: Captain Phasma, a more useless female version of Boba Fett. Maz Kanata, a color and gender-swapped Yoda who somehow manages to obtain Anakin's/Luke's lightsaber. Supreme Leader Snoke, a mysterious figure leading the new Empire (sorry, First Order) and first appears as a hologram (like the Emperor). General Hux, deliverer of a Hitler-like speech to his space Nazis.

Kylo Ren. In my opinion, Kylo Ren is the best part of the entire movie. Sure he worships his deceased grandfather Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and flips out into extreme tantrums, he is more than just an ordinary one-dimensional villain. He worships Darth Vader because he wants to carry on his legacy of killing the Jedi and achieve his intimidating status of being a ruthless individual. He is torn by both sides of the Force. He is indeed strong with the Force, stopping blaster shots in mid-air, freezing people in-place, and can probe the minds of others as a method of torture. His unstable crossguard lightsaber is appropriate for his uncontrollable anger and conflicted state of mind. Once he killed Han Solo, there is no hope for him returning back to the Light. He became a full-on evil person. I'm ready to see the damage he will do in The Last Jedi.

The action/set pieces were very well-done and that opening sequence with the raid on the Jakku village is one of the best and most chilling moments in all of Star Wars. The Battle of Takodana and the resulting battle was phenomenal and seeing Poe take out multiple TIE Fighters make him an exceptionally skilled pilot, even moreso than Luke. The final battle between Rey/Finn and Kylo Ren didn't feel choreographed at all, just felt like a battle between novices, unlike the highly-choreographed kicks and flips and lightsaber-twirling present in the Prequel Trilogy. Rey and Finn leaving Jakku in the "garbage" ship and the whole sequence through the Star Destroyer graveyard was beyond phenomenal.

Though The Force Awakens does indeed take steps forward to move the franchise forward into a new direction, it takes several steps back into familiar territory. And yes, it feels as if I have been ripping on this movie, but in my honest opinion, The Force Awakens is a solid entry to the Star Wars franchise. The action set-pieces were so well-done, the nostalgic factor of the Original Trilogy is prevalent, Kylo Ren proved to be a well-developed villain with room for improvement, and the relationships between the characters feels so organic and fluid-like, as if they're all cohesive with one-another.

My Rating: 7.5/10.0

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Captain America: The First Avenger 2011


127 Konzept




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Action, Adventure, Science Fiction


Français, Norsk, English


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Captain America: The First Avenger 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger ganzer film deutsch, Captain America: The First Avenger online stream - Ganzer film, Captain America: The First Avenger ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

True to "Captain America," this is the modern (comic book) version of the All American movie. Good guys versus bad guys without a lot of ambiguity. _**NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT**_.

This movie is pretty much perfection for the genre. Entertaining A to Z story with high-end Hollywood professional movie making throughout.
**This is a long form review initially published in 2011:**

Though it ran at over two hours, I did feel that it had plenty of room to go further than it did. I honestly felt like Red Skull could have had a film all to himself, and actually kind of suffered for making him as intriguing as he was.

Chris Evans was an interesting choice as the titular role of Captain America, given that he's already played American sweetheart Marvel Super Hero "The Human Torch" in _Fantastic 4_ and _Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer_. He didn't Oh-My-Gosh blow me away type-thing or what have you, but he was pretty great.

So far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I'd slot Captain America clean in the middle. I liked _Iron Man_ and _Thor_ more, but _Iron Man 2_ and _The Incredible Hulk_ less. Marvel Studios stated that the movie they wanted to make was set in the 40's, even though the rest of Marvel Cinematic is modern-day. This was 100% the right move to make, why? Not because of the setting, aesthetics or direction, but because it's fuckin' smart. How do you have the world appreciate an Uncle-Sam loving upper-middle class white male military blindly-loyal patriot? You make him fight the God damn Nazis, that's how.

It may seem strange, but I actually enjoyed the opening of _Captain America_ the most, which he spends a a meek, asthmatic Steve Rogers, yet to undergo the Deus Ex Machina Super Serum. It really showed the best of Evans acting ability, as well as the writing of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely whom together wrote _You Kill Me_ and The _The Chronicles of Narnia_ Trilogy.

I watched it in 3D, which was more bearable than usual. As the films of MCU progress, each of them becomes more and more a prequel to _The Avengers_, _Captain America_ being the most to date. Despite its almost-entire lack of _Avenger_ cameos, this more than previous films felt like a prequel for what's to come, which is not strictly speaking a good thing.

I had plenty of minor issues with _Captain America_, and though their was quite a number of them, all were minor, and ultimately, the only part of me that regrets watching it was the part that keeps thinking "My fucking God, I have to wait a YEAR before _Avengers_ comes out?!"



Steve Rogers, a scrawny young man, wants to enlist in the US Army and go overseas to fight in WWII. But his size and health means his attempts at enlistment always end the same way -- a 4F rating. Until a scientist sees him and recruits him to try out for a special training program to create a super soldier.


The Marvel universe sticks pretty close to classic script with him being given a serum that jacks his body into super muscle mode. He's already brave and smart, so it would seem like a no-brainer to send him overseas? But the guy in charge of his training doesn't want him, he's just one man, so Rogers ends up doing public relations back home. And he is quite shocked that the men overseas don't react as positively when they see him as the crowds back home. I really enjoyed the way they handle the first battle scene for him, basically him figuring things out as he goes, a far cry from his battle-hardened approaches later.

I even liked his interactions with Agent Carter. I had thought it would be more subtle than it was, and I hoped we'd see a bit more of her operating on her own (after all, they gave her character a whole series on TV!), but she was second fiddle to the hero.


The challenge with a lot of American movies of the war is that it is as if they are the only actors in the war, no allies, just them, and that level of nationalistic narrowmindedness is a bit grating. That may be a small gripe when the show is called CAPTAIN AMERICA, not CAPTAIN OF WORKING WITH ALLIES, but still, it's annoying. I also was disappointed there wasn't a lot more on Red Skull. His history, his abilities, other pursuits, all of it was left basically unreferenced. Sure, some of it shows up elsewhere in the Marvel universe, but a bit more crosswalk would have been nice. I felt he really wasn't that well-fleshed out as the uber villain he could have been.


As an origin story, it lacks pizazz
Definitely the most underrated of all the MCU films, Captain America: The First Avenger is a great war film done comic book style about a little guy making a big difference. Red Skull is one of the better villains simply because of how fantastic Hugo Weaving is. Peggy Carter is a great heroine and Hayley Atwell's performance is an absolute joy. Also, Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci light up the screen whenever they're on.

With strong action scenes, nicely developed characters, and seamless CGI, Captain America: The First Avenger is perfectly fine as a stand alone film. Shameful that so many audiences were just going out of obligation for The Avengers, because this movie has a lot to offer.

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Captain America: Civil War-mit untertitel-2016-MPEG-stream hd-italienisch-online schauen-DVD-FLA-WEBrip-online anschauen-online anschauen-MP4.jpg


Captain America: Civil War 2016


115 Memorandum




FLV 1080p


Adventure, Action, Science Fiction


Română, English, Deutsch, Pусский


Willena, Norhane E. Bryce, Haydee C. Taleah

Captain America: Civil War 2016 Captain America: Civil War ganzer film deutsch, Captain America: Civil War online stream - Ganzer film, Captain America: Civil War ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

Well another super-sized Marvel Comics superhero saga hits the big screen with the selected savior Captain America taking the top billing on the marquee. Thus, the pulsating popcorn pleaser **Captain America: Civil War** arrives on the scene to giddy audiences that have been loyal and fixated on the successful spring of mighty Marvel heroes that have been paraded to viewers throughout the last few years. Thankfully, **Captain America: Civil War** carries on the tradition of spry superhero-studded spectacles that have been glorious and adventurous from the stable of Marvel-based movies guaranteed to win over the enthusiastic hearts of avid comic book fanboys everywhere. Joyously overstuffed and convincingly extensive with a super team armed with crime-fighting excess, **Civil War** seizes the moment to introduce a noteworthy twist: two factions of rescuing superpowers engaging in some explosive in-house fighting led by two of Marvel Comics main standouts in Chris Evans’s Captain America and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man.

Co-directors Anthony Russo and Rene Russo were instinctively crafty to link the overly successful Iron Man film franchise to the **Captain America: Civil War** inner circle to ensure an even more treasured toxic atmosphere. Superhero fans will get a thrill of witnessing the extra add-ons concerning other dynamic titans to join the action-packed festivities involving Team Captain America versus Team Iron Man. True, **Civil War** has its share of flaws but that does not take away from this heroes-in-crisis flick demonstrating its ambitious overtones.

So what has caused the bad blood among the great and grand good guys known for protecting the world from evil dominance and destruction? Essentially the theme of collateral damage, the involvement regarding civilian-related deaths and injuries plus the world-wide backlash has created a controversy pitted against The Avengers. Specifically, Captain America (a.k.a. Steve Rogers) and Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) are responsible for the boisterous battle that caused such negative sensation resulting in political turmoil. Avengers head honcho Iron Man (a.k.a. Tony Stark) is dealing with his own personal regrets in the ill-advised creation of the unpredictable Ultron. The political authority want to hold Iron Man, second-in-command Captain America and the rest of the Avengers accountable for the global devastation that have taking its toll when trying to oversee the potential harm wreaking havoc on humanity.

Leading the charge in putting a watchful eye on the labeled reckless Avengers is Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt) that suggests the super group be monitored by the United Nations. Naturally friction develops between the superheroes that either agree with Ross’s UN restriction policies or disagree with being placed under a microscope that threatens to handcuff their free-wheeling heroic duties. All these contrasting beliefs eventually turn into epic back-and-forth confrontations where the raging Avengers are at odds with each other.

For Stark/Iron Man’s stance, he is willing to toe the line and ultimately agree that his crew needs to tone down their tenacious tactics as crime-stoppers. Iron Man’s consciousness, particularly in the case of a disillusioned mother (Alfre Woodward) making him feel guilt-ridden over her son’s death during an intense Battle of Sokovia, is probably the main factor behind his decision to have his team reigned in a bit from the political watchdogs. Siding with Iron Man’s viewpoint are the likes of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Vision (Paul Bettany) and War Machine (Don Cheadle). As for Rogers/Captain America, he is not too thrilled being put in check by the intrusive governmental pencil-pushers that want to scrutinize the team’s every move. Standing with Captain America firmly are Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and the aforementioned Scarlet Witch.

On top of Captain America’s current Avengers-oriented strife in his contentious mingling with Iron Man and his ardent backers, he now finds himself trying to defend his old buddy-turned-wanted man Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) who is accused of killing civilians. Iron Man believes in Winter Soldier’s innocence and goes so far as to help him escape. Yes…Winter Soldier does come with more baggage attached to him–mainly in the form of the menacing Zemo (Daniel Bruhl).

The Russos and screenwriters Christopher Marckus and Stephen McFeely (all attached to the previous “Captain America: Winter Soldier”) provide the eyeful visual effects that predictably stimulate and effectively add to the overload of frenzied frolicking in this boisterous blockbuster. Certainly the deepened angst among this bombastic bunch works far more solidly than what was displayed in the stiffened and problematic Batman v. Superman. The notion that the entire globe and its leaders are weary of all the collective chaos at the hands of the Avengers trying to save their hides is a bit ridiculous. Besides, why are not the foes of the Avengers put on the hot coals for the societal ruination? It seems rather counterproductive to chastise the noble superpowers offering the safety of mankind yet the detractors not being grateful for the services that the Avengers bring to the table. It is somewhat convoluted to think that the global community are sour on our heralded heroes or that the heat generated within the walls will completely destroy the Avengers and their colorful, capable colleagues.

The movie’s aptly entitled **Civil War** does invite more punch to the proceedings especially when a who’s who of superhero showstoppers join the feisty fray at hand. The noted inclusion of defiant do-gooders are packed with the likes of Spider-Man (Tom Holland), the retired returnee Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), and nifty newcomer Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman). No doubt Captain America: Civil War is the impish and energizing launch pad for upcoming Marvel-induced movies waiting to make their future distinctive arrival on the big screen. Although Evans’s steady and charismatic Captain America more than holds his own as the solo act billed in the film’s title one cannot overlook Downey’s compelling Iron Man as the reliable source that lifts the profile of Evans’s Masked Wonder. This is indeed a collaborative big score for the glorified costumed cast but special kudos are reserved for Stan’s killing culprit as well as Boseman’s African president assuming the slick and resourceful Black Panther.

Yeah, **Captain America: Civil War** is true to its frenetic form as revved up entertainment preparing moviegoers for the upcoming summertime sizzle at the box office. After all, the on-screen Marvel Comics gravy train keeps moving merrily along so stay tuned.

**Captain America: Civil War (2016)**

Walt Disney Pictures

2 hrs 26 mins.

Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, Daniel Bruhl, Alfre Woodward, William Hurt

Directed by: Anthony Russo and Joe Russo

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Genre: Superheroes Saga/Action and Adventure/Science Fiction/Fantasy

Critic’s Rating: *** stars (out of 4 stars)

**(c) Frank Ochieng**
The Russo Brother's and Marvel did it again! Read my full review here!

**The heroes're divided and so the fans!**

Before watching this I thought what the Avengers are doing here. I believed they got the title wrong. Once I watched it, I'm still the same. Because it did not look like the Captain America's film, he never was dominated, so calling it as his film totally inappropriate. Technically, it is a third Avengers film and well done. I liked it, it was entertaining. But the Civil War means it's nothing a nation's war within, just these super-guys fight for themselves against what kind of administration they want to come under.

I think they have heard that people's complaint about blowing up the buildings during reviewing other films by bringing up this one. So they finger pointed those events in this narration and that is one of the reasons for the Civil War to take place. Particularly disturbing the public and loss of many lives when these powerful men fighting the bad guys. The fun part is they are off the street and had a most important confrontation of the film in a deserted airfield. So does it make people who were whining about that be happy?

I don't know, but as an entertaining film, it did everything it can give the best for the viewers. Like the title and posters reveal, the heroes are divided here and probably you're going to take a side. Like usual, I'm with the Stark. So if you're like me, then you would feel the annoyance with the opposite team, particularly like Antman and obviously Captain America's rebellious decision. It was like the world versus United States, because only Americans are behind Captain America. Anyway, I did not like dividing the fans and what this film has been a serious damage. I hope the fans won't take it seriously.

Recently I have quite liked the Marvel movies that I have watched. Sadly I did not like this movie at all. The only reason that it does not get a zero or one star rating is cool special effects and a few laughs.

I want my heroes to be just that, heroes. Unfortunately this movie gets off on the wrong foot right away by not only “incriminating” the Avengers in the eyes of dimwit politicians and putting them on surveillance of a political body but to make matters worse it is the useless black hole of taxpayers money, the United Nations, that are supposed to surveil them. That pretty much ruined the movie right away for me.

When I though that it could not get any worse it actually does. In true Hollywood fashion the Avengers start to bicker and fight among themselves.

The few redeeming qualities of this movie is great special effects and a few fun comments that made me laugh from time to time. Even the ending is pretty crappy with the Avengers remaining divided and the main bad guy feeling that he achieved what he wanted.

Technically there is not really anything wrong with the movie. The actors are good, the filming is good and, as I wrote, the special effects are great. The story however is not my cup of tea to put it mildly. I cannot express how much I despised the story in this movie.
Good movie, love Captain American.
A long form review originally posted in 2016

It’s commonplace for me to need more than one viewing to really nail down my feelings on a movie, that’s particularly true of MCU, and even more so of this particular film. That all said, here is my initial reaction to _Captain America: Civil War_.

As is often the case, it’s hard to write down too comprehensive a post about a film this early on while remaining totally spoiler-free, so for starters, I’ll just go ahead and ask the thing that was on my mind from about five minutes in to _Civil War_: I want to know how it is that two guys who have a filmography so firmly rooted in sitcoms of all things, manage to direct action this spectacularly? Honestly. It’s insane.

_Winter Soldier_ is one of the strongest MCU films in my opinion, and just like that felt mostly like a follow up to both the prior _Captain America_ film and the prior _Avengers_ film, _Civil War_ feels the same, but for the sequels to said films (_Winter Soldier_ and _Age of Ultron_). That said, it might lean a little too far on to the side of _Avengers_-sequel, and a little too light on the _Cap_-sequel. If you had to pick a lead here, it would be Steve Rogers, no mistake, but this does feel like a film painted with a very broad brush of characterisation to be solely a “_Captain America_” movie.

Considering the sheer scope of the piece, it’s amazing that the Russo brothers managed to get the ball rolling on _Civil War_ as well as they did. Even so, there are a couple of roles I felt could have been cut altogether without really impacting the story, and that time could perhaps have been used to serve some underrepresented puzzle pieces. Perhaps both the inclusion in places and lack of inclusion in others is because of plans for future MCU films (though certainly not all instances can use that excuse) but either way, if I’m hunting for flaws, that to some degree is one.

I will say, that for all of _Civil War’s_ ups and downs (mostly ups), it is both a worthy entrant into Marvel’s franchise, and perhaps even more importantly, it actually even addresses some of the problems left in _Age of Ultron_. Of course the acting is all above board, the primary action set-piece is just dumbfoundingly fun, and the evolution of the mythology meshes with the universe at large.

_Civil War_ may not be my favourite superhero movie, or even my favourite MCU movie (I mean it also might be, I think I need to give it at least another two watches to be sure) but it might just be the best comic book adaptation movie. By that, I don’t mean it accurately portrayed the events of the Marvel “Civil War” event from back 2006, because that’s not even close to true. What I mean is, there are so many instances that manage capture the spirit of what the comics are. And you almost feel like you are watching one unfold before you on the screen. A glorious, squillion dollar, two and a half hour comic book.

Oh yeah. And the new superheroes introduced in _Civil War_? They’ve got me pretty bloody excited.


The Captain America movies have managed to ground the MCU by exploring the political and social climate created by the Avengers' existence. Actions have consequences and consequences influence more action.

Civil War isn't as focused as The Winter Soldier. It's also overstuffed with characters and fan service. However, the movie works by always being intriguing. Both sides of the conflict are portrayed as equally valid. The exploration of superhero accountability isn't anything new (explored in Watchmen and The Dark Knight), but it's nice to see it incorporated into a grand cinematic universe. Also, Captain Zemo is a better than average villain because while underdeveloped, his motive is interesting and not just "destroy the world."


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