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Frozen 2013 kostenlose filme -1080p-WMV

Frozen 2013 Online Anschauen Kostenlos


Frozen-englisch-2013-AVCHD-blu ray-film-BDRip-Dolby Digital-FLA-kostenlos-DVDScr-online schauen-M2V.jpg


Frozen 2013


152 Konzept




MP4 1440p


Animation, Adventure, Family




Villard, Kaylen K. Berna, Dareen N. Denisha

Frozen 2013 Frozen ganzer film deutsch, Frozen online stream - Ganzer film, Frozen ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

"Frozen," the latest Disney musical extravaganza, preaches the importance of embracing your true nature but seems to be at odds with itself.

The animated, 3-D adventure wants to enliven and subvert the conventions of typical Disney princess movies while simultaneously remaining true to their aesthetic trappings for maximum merchandising potential. It encourages young women to support and stay loyal to each other—a crucial message when mean girls seem so prevalent—as long as some hunky potential suitors and adorable, wise-cracking creatures also are around to complete them.

It all seems so cynical, this attempt to shake things up without shaking them up too much. "Frozen" just happens to be reaching theaters as Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping season are arriving. The marketing possibilities are mind-boggling. And in the tradition of the superior "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Little Mermaid," surely "Frozen: The Musical" will be headed to the Broadway stage soon. The songs – which are lively and amusing if not quite instant hits—are already in place.

Little girls will absolutely love it, though. That much is undeniable. And the film from co-directors Chris Buck ("Surf's Up") and Jennifer Lee is never less than gorgeous to watch. A majestic mountaintop ice castle is particularly exquisite—glittery and detailed and tactile, especially as rendered in 3-D.

But first we must witness the tortured backstory of the film's princesses – not one, but two of them. The script from "Wreck-It Ralph" co-writer Lee, inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen story "The Snow Queen," has lots of cheeky, contemporary touches but is firmly and safely rooted in Scandinavian fairy tale traditions.

When they were young girls, sisters Anna and Elsa were joyous playmates and inseparable friends. But Elsa's special power—her ability to turn anything to ice and snow in a flash from her fingertips—comes back to haunt her when she accidentally zaps her sister. (Not unlike the telekinesis in "Carrie," Elsa inadvertently unleashes her power in moments of heightened emotion.) A magical troll king heals Anna and erases the event from her memory, but as for the sisters' relationship, the damage is done.

Elsa's parents lock her away and close down the castle, which devastates the younger Anna. (Of the many tunes from "Avenue Q" and "The Book of Mormon" songwriter Robert Lopez and his wife, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the wistful "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" is by far the most poignant.) But once they reach adolescence and it's Elsa's turn to take over the throne at age 18, the two experience an awkward reunion.

The perky, quirky Anna (now voiced by a likable Kristen Bell) is a little nervous but overjoyed to see her sister. The reserved and reluctant Elsa (Broadway veteran Idina Menzel) remains distant, and with gloved hands hopes not to freeze anything and reveal her true self on coronation day. But a run-in with an amorous, visiting prince (Santino Fontana) who sets his sights on Anna triggers Elsa's ire, and she inadvertently plunges the sunny, idyllic kingdom into perpetual winter.

Flustered and fearful, Elsa dashes away in a fit of self-imposed exile – which significantly weakens "Frozen," since she's the film's most complicated and compelling figure. On her way to the highest mountain she can find, Elsa belts out the power ballad "Let It Go," her version of "I Am Woman." This soaring declaration of independence is the reason you want a performer of Menzel's caliber in this role, and it's the film's musical highlight. (Her flashy physical transformation from prim princess to ice queen does make her resemble a real housewife of some sort, however.)

Afterward, though, the story settles in on Anna's efforts to retrieve her sister and restore order to the kingdom. Along the way she gets help from an underemployed ice salesman named Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his trusty reindeer sidekick, Sven. They all meet up with a singing snowman named Olaf (a lovably goofy Josh Gad, star of "The Book of Mormon" on Broadway) who dreams of basking in the warmth of the summer sun. This "Wizard of Oz"-style quartet makes the obstacle-filled trek to the imposing fortress that awaits. (At least "Frozen" has the decency to borrow from excellent source material.)

While the journey may seem overly familiar, the destination has some surprises in store. Some come out of nowhere and don't exactly work. But the biggie—the one that's a real game-changer in terms of the sorts of messages Disney animated classics have sent for decades—is the one that's important not just for the little girls in the audience, but for all viewers. http://newmoviestream.co/watch/2294629/frozen
wish everything about the film met the same clever standard.
I was excited to watch this movie after all the buzz about it but I've been a bit disappointed.

Yes, the animation is great and it keeps all the typical Disney details and is funny, sometimes. In addition, it features two strong female characters that don't need of a hero to save the story but ...

... but still they are the super-beautiful and perfect Disney princesses, as if they couldn't be normal girls from normal status, and the role of Queen Elsa is not that important as it would have expected.

Not a bad movie, but not the best and I think far from the fun I had with Tangled.

Frozen – Eiskalter Abgrund – Wikipedia ~ Frozen – Eiskalter Abgrund Originaltitel Frozen ist ein USamerikanischer Thriller aus dem Jahr 2010 von Adam Green mit Shawn Ashmore Emma Bell und Kevin Zegers in den Hauptrollen

Frozen Lied – Wikipedia ~ Frozen ist ein Lied von Madonna das im Februar 1998 auf dem Album Ray of Light erschien

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Whiplash 2014 kostenlose filme -720p-M4V

Whiplash 2014 Online Anschauen Kostenlos


Whiplash-MP4-2014-M2V-1440p-englisch-WEB-DL-DVD-BDRip-MPEG-2-auf italienisch-stream-DVDrip.jpg


Whiplash 2014


125 peinlich genau




FLV 1080p


Drama, Music




Noélie, Elsie A. Maranne, Munoz N. Nirah

Whiplash 2014 Whiplash ganzer film deutsch, Whiplash online stream - Ganzer film, Whiplash ganzer film online stream - Deutsch


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I find it very sad that so many people - including so-called professional reviewers - have rated this crap so highly. I did not walk out (although I was greatly tempted to do so) but saw it to the end. A total waste of time.

Here's what might spoil it for you, should you believe the BS that's being spread around this stinking pile of excrement: It could have actually been OK if it hadn't been so laughably impossibly ridiculous. Perhaps if it had been set in the fifties or the forties when people had much less developed consciousness of human rights? But even so...

I suppose the moral/lesson we are supposed to learn is... if you can't warp your students enough by abuse to force them to become great musicians then it is perfectly alright to discard or destroy them in the attempt.

This glorified tyrant and bully can himself only produce music at a grade one level and so because he cannot 'do' he 'teaches?'

He does not teach, he does not inspire; he withholds approval, negatively reinforces and rules by fear, and is feared rather than respected. I would have a difficult time to point to a single (pedagogical) scene in the film that had any merit whatsoever or was worth watching for any reason. Maybe I should say that its evident popularity may be evidence that we are truly living in the end times... ha!

See the film if you want to be current, but please decide for yourself from watching it and don't believe the hype about its 'genius' or 'brilliance.' It is not either of those things; it's a poorly written, sad joke.

I would expect that those people who rate it so highly A) want to seem cool because 'it's about jazz' B) have never actually been in a teacher/student situation and therefore, can only imagine how its done C) see all the other positive reviews and so must follow the herd D) don't really know their ass from their elbow or E) thought the the actor had truly grown because in Spiderman he only yell, but it THIS one, he throws chairs.... or F) all of the above.

Save your money or see something uplifting instead rather than this horseshit.
Fantastic movie with a good cast with an impressive Miles Teller and a yet even more impressive J.K. Simmons. Decent script, great directing, selection of the repertoire and performances.

Just sit down, get a good audio system and enjoy one of the best movies of the 2010s.
J K Simmons won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his mean, bullying monster. Jazz teacher Terence Fletcher who abhors the words 'good job.'

Fletcher tells a tale about Charlie Parker and how doing a good job was not enough for him. Good job means mediocrity.

Yet Fletcher is a mediocre educator and his college seems not to have noticed this. Instead of being an inspiration his students fear him. He is a nasty tyrant and an incident from his past comes back to haunt him.

Miles Teller plays Andrew Neiman the put upon jazz drummer in the Shaffer Conservatory in New York. Neiman is eager to impress Fletcher but nothing he can do is good enough and withstands all the effluent Fletcher throws at him until one day he snaps.

Damien Chazelle unleashed an unethical monster in Fletcher with Neiman providing the film's heart but I am not convinced that this is a good film. The rest of the students in the class are silent to the abuse taking place right in front of them. They are young adults, not kids and they do nothing about it.
When I sat down to watch this film, I didn't know what to expect. I am not usually a fan of films about musicians but this was a brilliant and tense masterpiece. The story is of a very ambitious boy named Andrew (played by Miles Teller) who is a music student in New York. He aspires to be noticed by a prestigious music teacher named Fletcher (played by J.K. Simmons). As his wish starts becoming a reality, he realises the brutality of this teacher who continually pushes him with questionable methods. Damien Chazelle's direction is almost of a tense boxing or war action drama in that it constantly uses the music of the drumming to build the tension whilst using violent and sharp editing whilst the jazz band play.

Chazelle's screenplay is very well written. It is filled with humour, tension and heartbreak. The way in which Fletcher switches during Andrew's first lesson is expertly done. Fletcher relentlessly insults Andrew in a very shocking way which really creates a huge sense of sympathy for Andrew's character as he struggles to respond. The insulting dialogue is very similar to Stanley Kubrick's 'Full Metal Jacket' in that it is both humourous and disturbingly distressing.

The performances in this film are remarkable. Miles Teller is a relative newcomer but takes to this character with so much depth and understanding. The drumming scenes look like incredible and torturous workouts and Teller really shows the pain and agony his character is going through to reach his dream. The chemistry between the two central characters is flawless. J.K. Simmons is perfect as the abusive music teacher. Simmons manages to combine Fletcher's distinguished persona with his terrifying unpredictability. Simmons reminds me of his character in Valve's 'Portal 2' in which he continuously spouts insults at the player in a darkly hilarious way.

Overall, 'Whiplash' is a fascinating study of passion, ambition and love. The film asks questions about the morality of getting one's dreams and the acceptable methods of acquiring them. Full of amazing performances all around, and created with such intensity and spirit, my final rating for this film is 4.5 stars.


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Wreck-It Ralph 2012 kostenlose filme -720p-MPEG

Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Stream Hd

Wreck-It Ralph"

Wreck-It Ralph-uncut-2012-WEBrip-M4V-stream-720p-ganzer film-auf englisch-ganzer film-DTS-MPEG-2-AVCHD.jpg


Wreck-It Ralph 2012


129 Besprechungsprotokoll




AAF 1080p


Family, Animation, Comedy, Adventure




Naishe, Seval R. Layad, Denil N. Solene

Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Wreck-It Ralph ganzer film deutsch, Wreck-It Ralph online stream - Ganzer film, Wreck-It Ralph ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

Wreck-It Ralph is a great movie with my love for games in there with it. The movie had some great childhood memories of mine, with all the characters from the best games. The graphics are excellent and the voice acting couldn't be better. This movie is great for adults and kids.
Surely the thematic is great and it is funny to see old pals from several video games but Wreck-it Ralph lacks the hook of most of Disney movies.

Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Stream,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Film,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Blu Ray,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Englisch,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Ganzer Film Deutsch,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Italienisch,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Stream Hd,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Download,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Ganzer Film,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Online Stream,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Hd Stream,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Auf Englisch,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Auf Italienisch,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Untertitel,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Online Schauen,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Uncut,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Online Anschauen Kostenlos,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Mit Untertitel Stream,Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Online Anschauen,Wreck-It Ralph deutsche filme online, Wreck-It Ralph filme stream kostenlos, Wreck-It Ralph kinofilme online sehen, Wreck-It Ralph gratis filme anschauen, Wreck-It Ralph freie kinofilme, Wreck-It Ralph filme im internet ansehen, Wreck-It Ralph filme ganze länge deutsch, Wreck-It Ralph ganze kinderfilme deutsch, Wreck-It Ralph filme ansehen kostenlos, Wreck-It Ralph komplette filme, Wreck-It Ralph filme online schauen, Wreck-It Ralph online filme anschauen kostenlos, Wreck-It Ralph filme legal anschauen, Wreck-It Ralph filme online schauen kostenlos deutsch, Wreck-It Ralph kinofilme online kostenlos, Wreck-It Ralph kostenlos filme online anschauen, Wreck-It Ralph ddr spielfilme in voller länge, Wreck-It Ralph filme online kostenlos anschauen

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Spotlight 2015 kostenlose filme -1440p-AVCHD

Spotlight 2015 Online Anschauen Kostenlos


Spotlight-AVCHD-2015-HDTS-DVDrip-DVDrip-ASF-DVDScr-MPEG-1-BDRip-download-auf englisch-TVrip.jpg


Spotlight 2015


153 Sitzungsprotokoll




M4V 1440p


Drama, Thriller, History




Daina, Huffman H. Sawyer, Raquel H. Elena

Spotlight 2015 Spotlight ganzer film deutsch, Spotlight online stream - Ganzer film, Spotlight ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

> Uncovering the sins committed by whom the millions of people believe in.

A documentary film would show the real faces of those offenders to shame them. That's the reason I desperately wanted it to be a documentary, then I would have definitely given a maximum mark. There's no complaint about this movie, but adaptation means fakes acting, fake settings and awards goes to non real achievers. Anyway, this movie kind looked a semi documentary and liked the way it was made.

The movie exposed a very important scandal. If something is open for a debate in the US means, the rest of the world would follow the same route. That's where this theme was inspired by. It all begins with a group of journalists from the Boston Globe with their new editor instruct them to research on sexual abuse of children by priests. So their lead only gets bigger and puts them to recover more evidence in order to publish. How they come up with the story that shake up not only the nation, but the entire world is the remaining.

A collection of bunch fine performances. There's no lead actors in this. Everyone is in the supporting roles. Out of 6, it got nominated both male and female in the category of supporting role for the Academy Awards. I am very disappointed, Mark Ruffalo's performance in 'Infinitely Polar Bear' deserved another nominee. Anyway, this 15 year old story still looks a hot topic. It was a great comeback for the director after critics assaulted him with their words for his previous film 'The Cobbler' only to show their rage on Sandler. It is a must-must see. Beware, is is not your weekend entertainer, but based on the real.

Spotlight story is interesting and has a good cast which performs very well, but the feeling of the story is flat.

First, they are talking about abuses to children but you feel almost the whole time that they are following the lead of any other story almost as bureaucrats. There is not much of sensitivity put into the matter.

Second, they are exposing a huge case of system "missbehavior" (to say the least) in the Catholic Church hierarchy and you see how the whole city of Boston is treating this institution with great care. Then, this movie is about showing to the world how the exposition was done and the treatment to the Catholic Church is almost as exquisite as the one that has enabled this institution to hide all this cases.

For gods sake! These people are criminals covering the crimes of even bigger criminals and it seems like we still cannot face them and tell them clearly and to their faces the horrible things they have tolerated and hidden.
This was a very shocking and well made film. It is about the scandal involving a cover-up of Catholic priests molesting children in the Boston area. I was surprised with the delicate nature of the film's script and how well it was handled. It had a very solid ensemble cast which helped make the film moving and horrific in parts.

I am glad that a film like this won Best Picture at the Academy Awards as it had a very important message (even if I was rooting for 'The Revenant').


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The Hangover 2009 kostenlose filme -720p-SDDS

The Hangover 2009 Stream Hd

The Hangover"

The Hangover-Sonics-DDP-2009-deutsch-italienisch-DVDScr-WEB-DL-MPE-MPEG-2-DAT-DTS-ASF-1080p.jpg


The Hangover 2009


157 kleinst




M4V 1440p






Derek, Reboul L. Suzie, Faige Q. Narin

The Hangover 2009 The Hangover ganzer film deutsch, The Hangover online stream - Ganzer film, The Hangover ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

The Hangover 2009 Stream,The Hangover 2009 Film,The Hangover 2009 Blu Ray,The Hangover 2009 Englisch,The Hangover 2009 Ganzer Film Deutsch,The Hangover 2009 Italienisch,The Hangover 2009 Stream Hd,The Hangover 2009 Download,The Hangover 2009 Ganzer Film,The Hangover 2009 Online Stream,The Hangover 2009 Hd Stream,The Hangover 2009 Auf Englisch,The Hangover 2009 Auf Italienisch,The Hangover 2009 Untertitel,The Hangover 2009 Online Schauen,The Hangover 2009 Uncut,The Hangover 2009 Online Anschauen Kostenlos,The Hangover 2009 Mit Untertitel Stream,The Hangover 2009 Online Anschauen,The Hangover deutsche filme online, The Hangover filme stream kostenlos, The Hangover kinofilme online sehen, The Hangover gratis filme anschauen, The Hangover freie kinofilme, The Hangover filme im internet ansehen, The Hangover filme ganze länge deutsch, The Hangover ganze kinderfilme deutsch, The Hangover filme ansehen kostenlos, The Hangover komplette filme, The Hangover filme online schauen, The Hangover online filme anschauen kostenlos, The Hangover filme legal anschauen, The Hangover filme online schauen kostenlos deutsch, The Hangover kinofilme online kostenlos, The Hangover kostenlos filme online anschauen, The Hangover ddr spielfilme in voller länge, The Hangover filme online kostenlos anschauen

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Now You See Me 2013 kostenlose filme -1080p-M4V

Now You See Me 2013 Online Anschauen Kostenlos

Now You See Me"

Now You See Me-MPE-2013-hd stream-SDDS-1080p-ganzer film-MP4-DVDrip-online anschauen-M4V-DTS-1080p.jpg


Now You See Me 2013


122 minuziös




Sonics-DDP 1080p


Thriller, Crime


Français, English


Khawar, Thaila Q. Buffier, Erron L. Maryam

Now You See Me 2013 Now You See Me ganzer film deutsch, Now You See Me online stream - Ganzer film, Now You See Me ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

That movie was amazing !
Mantap di tunggu part 2 nya
Lot's of FX and no story. Flat characters and poorly told.
Best magical movie ever definitely my number two movie of all time number one being Armageddon.the four horsemen couldent have been played by better actors and actress.isla fisher is awesome.😃

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Deadpool 2016 kostenlose filme -1440p-MPEG-1

Deadpool 2016 Online Anschauen Kostenlos


Deadpool-Sonics-DDP-2016-720p-WMV-Blu-ray-AVI-FLV-DTS-mit untertitel-HDTS-mit untertitel-download.jpg


Deadpool 2016


152 Besprechungsprotokoll




DTS 720p


Action, Adventure, Comedy




Sorrel, Barray Z. Margo, Dayle T. Mischa

Deadpool 2016 Deadpool ganzer film deutsch, Deadpool online stream - Ganzer film, Deadpool ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

A funny movie with a romantic love story.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary. His world comes crashing down when evil scientist Ajax (Ed Skrein) tortures, disfigures and transforms him into Deadpool.

The rogue experiment leaves Deadpool with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor. With help from mutant allies Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), Deadpool uses his new skills to hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life.
I actually enjoyed the movie so much that i'll recommend it to all my friends, at first i didn't really want to watch it because i'm not into super hero movies at all, but i did anyway, i mean people were talking so much about it i had to see it myself and what an awesome choice i made. The good thing about this movie is that Deadpool is a hero but in a very comedic way, you don't usually expect comedy from a superhero film but this one was full of comedy and the way they treated the plot was amazing, it was there, humor was there in every scene, even when there was fighting or romance or any other scene, the writers managed to add comedy everywhere in a very good way that'll surprisingly make you want to watch it again, and again. Thank you for taking the time read my review and if you're asking yourself if you should watch this movie, it's a definite Yes.
> So this guy in the red suit came and broke some records...

I was not a Deadpool fan and I'm still not, but like any superhero films I'd pleasure watching it. The other reason was, we had other superheroes in our time, so this guy is kind of new to me. It was a stunning launch to the big screen for the Deadpool as well as for this new director. This film was merely an introduction tale than a fully stretched story. Like how a human becomes a mutant and later who seeks a revenge for ruining his natural life. But it yet to explain a couple of things and I hope it all will be revealed in its sequel.

I am happy for Ryan Reynolds to get another chance, because his previous comic book character did not received well. I certainly liked the film, but nowadays there are plenty of superheroes to choose, in that, Deadpool's not in my top 5. So I am happy he joined the 'X-Men', because I never liked the boring 'X-Men' films or its characters, but I do love its spinoff 'Wolverine'. I'll definitely look forward for his solo films like 'Wolverine'.

This film broke a few records like the best box office so far for an 'X-Men' installment. A short film with the present and flashback narration shared the screen piece by piece alternatively. This was a strong R rated film so far I have seen in a superhero theme and there were plenty of other films referred. No offense to the people who liked it (and those who are going watch will do the same), but in my personal opinion it was a bit over-celebrated.

Though I have always been a DC enthusiast, I was intrigued by the idea of the Deadpool movie, and knew I'd end up watching it (I probably see 70% of DC films that are released and maybe 20% of Marvel ones). I enjoyed its definitely postmodern approach--and wish Reynolds' Green Lantern movie had one-tenth the humour and charm that THIS film had.

It'll be very interesting to see how comic-book movies are affected, both short- and long-term by its massive success.
This film was very funny. Ryan Reynolds was made for this role. The innuendos did get a bit much though.

It was well written and the direction was very good but it did go into a territory that it was trying to make fun of. I got bored of all the action hero conventions after a while.

As a comic book fan, I was fairly dubious about Deadpool’s cinematic outing. I wasn't altogether sure that a film that would obviously have to be fun, self-referential and self-aware could also be able to talk about a character who not only becomes seriously ill, but also struggles to keep a grip on his sanity well enough to do the character justice.

When I watched the film, it was clear that I had been over-thinking. Perhaps the makers of the film had thought the same as me. Perhaps they thought that trying to be lighthearted and slightly dark at the same time would be like trying to keep too many balls in the air. I say that because the issue of Deadpool’s sanity, or lack thereof, is only touched upon. If that is the case, I think it is quite a clever decision in a ‘let's not try to run before we can walk’ kind of a way. If not, Tim Miller has still given us a very enjoyable film, in which, Ryan Reynolds shines as an extremely good comedic actor.

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La La Land 2016 kostenlose filme -1440p-MPG

La La Land 2016 Stream Hd

La La Land"

La La Land-mit untertitel-2016-ganzer film-Sonics-DDP-BRRip-mit untertitel-M4V-deutsch-AVI-HDRip-VHSRip-Dolby Digital.jpg


La La Land 2016


173 Augenblick




WMV 1080p


Comedy, Drama, Romance




Shayley, Layla O. Jansen, Matus S. Linus

La La Land 2016 La La Land ganzer film deutsch, La La Land online stream - Ganzer film, La La Land ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

"To me, _La La Land_ is like religion. I see the appeal, and I would never take it away from anyone. But I would also never stand in line for it."
- Jeff WInger, probably.

_Final rating:★★½ - Not quite for me, but I definitely get the appeal._
A very special, memorable film that will be iconic in the years to come.
This is definitely not a movie that I would have chosen to watch all by myself which perhaps explain why I thought it was just surprisingly okay to watch. However my girlfriend absolutely wanted to watch it so I got it. As it turned out my girlfriend had only gone by the number of Oscars and not really looked up what kind of movie it actually was so in the end I was enjoying the movie a lot more than she did.

This movie is pretty much a quite classical Hollywood musical with a non too original story, nice music and dancing. In addition the cinematography is simply excellent. This is the strong point of this movie. The rest of the movie is of lesser interest to me but the cinematography is really, really good. The scene, pictured on the movie poster, were Mia and Sebastian dances and everything in the scene are dark blue tones except Mia’s bright yellow dress is so simple and yet so beautiful.

Everything else about this movie is…okay. Okay acting, okay story etc. As I wrote before this is really not my kind of movie so forgive me for not being overly enthusiastic. I am sure those into these kind of movies cannot understand how anyone can give it less than a full set of stars but hey, different tastes and all that.

I cannot make up my mind about ending. On one hand I am a sucker for happy endings which this one falls a wee bit short on. On the other hand I have to commend the writer/director for not taking the path of least resistance and instead putting together something a wee bit different.

I did feel that a part of the movie was missing though. I would have liked to see the parts where Mia and Sebastian actually fulfilled their respective dreams. Jumping fast forward to the ending like the movie did felt a bit like they either ran out of money or they manage to misplace half the story!

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would.
**They'd crossed each others life while chasing their dreams.**

I am not a big fan of modern musical films. So I was not expecting it to be a great or worst. The film opened with a song that I was not happy, because I did not like the verse or the music. And again to say, the modern timeline does not suit for the musical theme, unless it is a fantasy or an Indian film.

The best part of the film was, those song fades away as the film progresses. But I kind of liked the drama/story part and the climax track with the quick flashback (kind of). Till that scene I was considering it an average film, but that one scene changed my stance. So, now I think it is a good film, but winning 6 Oscars, I don't know it deserved that.

Yes, the director is known for making music and musical film, but he has not made many. He's young and so his career. Yep, I loved 'Whiplash'. One of my all time favourite. If that film had won 10 Oscars, I would have not surprised at all. After that flick, the people were anticipating, to exceed that success in this film. As it was received, no doubt for those people it was a different flick, but not for me. Especially if you watch lots of Indian films. By the way the film characters were nice, and so the story, but not the songs.

Gosling and Stone were performed well. The chemistry between them was great. The narration was going decently until the end, which reminded me 'Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya' ending that I was not happy about, yet something different than usual. Sometimes I am okay with cliché than this kind of conclusion, just to bring a change in storytelling. Overall an enjoyable film, most people would love it. Some like me would say it is a decent flick, but there's always a few who would never favour it. Yet worth a watch.


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L – Wikipedia ~ L oder l gesprochen ʔɛl ist der elfte Buchstabe des klassischen und der zwölfte Buchstabe des modernen lateinischen ist in den meisten Sprachen ein Buchstabe L hat in deutschen Texten eine durchschnittliche Häufigkeit von 344 Er ist damit der elfthäufigste Buchstabe in deutschen Texten

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 kostenlose filme -720p-WMV

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Ganzer Film Deutsch

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them-auf englisch-2016-film-SDDS-hd stream-ASF-AVI-ganzer film-DVDrip-auf italienisch-mit untertitel-MPG.jpg


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016


162 Memorandum




Sonics-DDP 1080p


Adventure, Family, Fantasy




Garza, Marèse Q. Finnlay, Marvel X. Blima

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ganzer film deutsch, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them online stream - Ganzer film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

Struggles desperately to be three movies at once: One about Pokemon, one about proto-Voldemort and one (uncharacteristically dark story) about child abuse. But none of these three movies are bad movies so _Fantastic Beasts_ gets a pass from me.

I was particularly fond of the degree to which it tied into the Harry Potter world at large. There were moments were I went “Oh Harry’s used that same spell before!” or characters that fitted naturally into the narrative being mentioned, as opposed to getting all _Agents of SHIELD_ season 1 on us, and awkwardly name-dropping something from the other films every 5 minutes, just in case we forgot, which was what I was afraid it might do.

End result, _Fantastic Beasts_ is a flawed film that I was still very happy to have watched, and exceeded my expectations.

_Final rating:★★★ - I personally recommend you give it a go._
I must say I was expecting to like it, and I really liked it despite the few generic moments throughout the film.

Can watch again/10.
Personally I found this movie to be 2+ hours of excellent entertainment. This is one of these movies where I simply cannot understand how people can give one and two star ratings stating that it is garbage etc. I do not get what these people expected? Maybe they just have to complain? The original Harry Potter books are very much books for children or young adults and so is this movie. It is a highly entertaining story in a magical universe with some adventure, some suspense and a lot of humor.

The magic and the magical animals are quite cool. The pocket universe (or whatever they are called in the Harry Potter world) is simply gorgeous and cool. The story is not really much to write home about but it does not have to be. This is a magical movie where the magical atmosphere is what makes the movie. It is a good enough story involving a bit of suspense, action, friendship, bad guys, quite some humor and, of course, a lot of magic. More importantly perhaps, the story is not overly stupid nor does is try to peddle crappy SJW nonsense messages about gender or diversity nor climate. This movie delivers where it counts as far as I am concerned. It is entertaining, plain and simple.

If I should endeavor try to find something to complain about it would probably be that the lead character was fairly bland. He did not really have much charisma. That and the fact that I never really understood which, despicable (presumably) acts the main opponent, Grindelwald, had actually committed before the events of the movie.

On the whole I enjoyed the movie a lot and although it is perhaps not the absolutely best movie I have ever seen but it still deserves a top rating.
**Well, everything's in the title itself, you watch it only to confirm.**

I don't want to be so negative like the film critics, but this is a big disappointment for me watching being a film fanatic. I don't think anyone who loved 'Harry Potter' film series would thumb this new beginning. This is not like 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' from the same universe, but different trilogies. I was excited for something like that, as a concept wise, for the fresh tale from from the fresh characters in the same universe. I don't know about the book version, but the film did not click for me.

It had a bunch of nice characters, and to set in the Harry Potter universe, really it should have been a masterpiece. The major drawback was the story. There's nothing to appreciate the screenplay. It's about some creatures from the magical world got out in the human world, just like 'Jumanji'. So our hero struggles to recapture them. Meanwhile, some others too involved in and the reason will be revealed in the final stage.

Nice casting and great visuals. I won't point out its director's fault, because he has done his duty very well. He's also will be the man behind the rest of the sequels. I think it deserved the Oscars for the costume design. Not a bad film, particularly for the kids. Comparing it with the Harry Potter franchise makes it a worst film, but independently it is an okay film. So the initiation was average, but I'm still expecting the follow ups to be much better.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Stream,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Film,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Blu Ray,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Englisch,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Ganzer Film Deutsch,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Italienisch,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Stream Hd,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Download,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Ganzer Film,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Online Stream,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Hd Stream,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Auf Englisch,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Auf Italienisch,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Untertitel,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Online Schauen,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Uncut,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Online Anschauen Kostenlos,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Mit Untertitel Stream,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Online Anschauen,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them deutsche filme online, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them filme stream kostenlos, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them kinofilme online sehen, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them gratis filme anschauen, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them freie kinofilme, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them filme im internet ansehen, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them filme ganze länge deutsch, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ganze kinderfilme deutsch, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them filme ansehen kostenlos, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them komplette filme, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them filme online schauen, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them online filme anschauen kostenlos, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them filme legal anschauen, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them filme online schauen kostenlos deutsch, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them kinofilme online kostenlos, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them kostenlos filme online anschauen, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ddr spielfilme in voller länge, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them filme online kostenlos anschauen

Sabtu, 27 Januari 2018

Creed 2015 kostenlose filme -1440p-M1V

Creed 2015 Mit Untertitel Stream


Creed-stream-2015-WEB-DL-download-stream-HDTS-720p-AVI-MPG-mit untertitel-online anschauen-untertitel.jpg


Creed 2015


198 Augenblick




SDDS 720p






Ioana, Horatio U. Ivonne, Turgeon W. Jayden

Creed 2015 Creed ganzer film deutsch, Creed online stream - Ganzer film, Creed ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

one of best boxing movie i ever watched...it's a spin off to the original rocky series....Michael B. Jordan is perfect in his role...it's maybe one of the Sylvester Stallone's best performance till the date...the boxing scenes are really good....Ryan Coogler done a great job...must watch if u love boxing...
> CREED is the new ROCKY.

Honestly, I was looking for the 7th film in the 'Rocky' series, so this spinoff was totally unexpected. But it is the right thing since the Rocky Balboa is getting old. Besides, in this reboot era, keeping franchise alive and leaping into the next generation was a very smart move. By doing this, they're keeping the original series fans with them to back it. I hope this will only get going like the Bond movies, since the young star, Jordan has another 30+ year potential to continue the 'Rocky' legacy by delivering some hits in his belt.

I don't know how they have done it, just kept everything so simple yet delivered a successful movie. The director of 'Fruitvale Station' and its actor Jordan's second successive run. I wish the combo return for the third time for another grand scale flick. Of course Stallone's presence made a big difference, but the way his character was portrayed, I feel the next film will get more emotional, especially between Rocky and Adonis like Rocky and Micky. And I'm also hoping for a bit better romantic tale on the side.

I grew up watching 'Rocky' movies, so I wanted badly it to be at least a decent, but it is a fantastic flick and I definitely suggest for those people like me. The youngsters as well can taste the new beginning in the Rocky legacy. CREED is the new ROCKY. The blueprint for the screenplay was exactly same as the original movies, even the music was very comparable yet everything was updated to the current timeline. Now I'm looking for a follow-up in the next 3 years.

Так себе. Местами пафос просто прет наружу - даже противно смотреть. Сюжет вытянет из пальца, особенно не понравилось наличие больных в фильме: девушка музыкант, теряющая слух и рокки у которого находят рак. Если бы не фильмы про рокки, то я в принципе сомневаюсь, что фильм бы заметили.

Chronischentzündliche Darmerkrankungen – Wikipedia ~ Unter chronischentzündlichen Darmerkrankungen CED englisch inflammatory bowel disease IBD versteht man wiederkehrende rezidivierende oder kontinuierliche entzündliche Erkrankungen des beiden häufigsten Vertreter sind die Colitis ulcerosa und der Morbus Crohn Seltener sind die kollagene und lymphozytäre Colitis als Formen der mikroskopischen Colitis die nur histologisch

Caspasen – Wikipedia ~ Eigenschaften Caspasen sind essentiell für die korrekte Entwicklung eines Lebewesens aber auch für die Antwort einer Zelle auf schwere Beschädigung z B durch Strahlung oder auf eine Infektion durch intrazelluläre Pathogene wie z B Viren Die Caspasen sind Bestandteil einer Enzymkaskade bei der Einleitung der Apoptose Zum Auslösen des Zelltods werden zuerst InitiatorCaspasen z

Proktologie – Wikipedia ~ Die Proktologie gr πρωκτός proktós für „After“ „Steiß“ und logie ist ein medizinisches Teilgebiet das sich mit den Erkrankungen des Enddarms also genauer des Mastdarms und des Analkanals beschäftigt Einen Mediziner der sich mit der Proktologie beschäftigt bezeichnet man als Proktologen oder auch als der letzten Aktualisierung der Muster

Blutsenkungsreaktion – Wikipedia ~ Entdeckung und Entwicklung Das Phänomen der Blutsenkung hat der polnische Pathologe Edmund Biernacki im Jahr 1897 entdeckt Im Jahr 1921 haben die schwedischen Pathologen Robin Fåhræus und Alf Westergren die Messung durch Zugabe von Natriumcitrat weiter verfeinert Bestimmungsmethode Die Bestimmung erfolgt meist nach der WestergrenMethode 16 ml Vollblut werden mit 04 ml 38

Paratuberkulose – Wikipedia ~ Die Paratuberkulose Johnesche Krankheit nach Heinrich Albert Johne ist eine Erkrankung der Wiederkäuer die durch Mycobacterium avium ssp paratuberculosis ausgelöst wird Der Erreger verursacht eine chronische Dünndarmentzündung mit Abmagerung und Durchfall und endet immer tödlich Aufgrund von Ähnlichkeiten im Krankheitsbild und unterstützt durch mikrobiologische und

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Interstellar 2014 kostenlose filme -720p-DAT

Interstellar 2014 Mit Untertitel Stream




Interstellar 2014


195 Besprechungsprotokoll




M1V 1080p


Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction




Jayron, Hasna G. Maena, Feigy F. Deiniol

Interstellar 2014 Interstellar ganzer film deutsch, Interstellar online stream - Ganzer film, Interstellar ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

Well, one off from two of this year's most expected movies alongside 'The Battle of Five Armies'. Like all the Chris Nolan fans, I was equally excited to see the movie on the opening day opening show. But I slightly disappointed that it was not a digital 3D film. I agree, this science-fiction was more dramatized than usual space travel stories does with an adventure-thriller. Almost a 3 hour long stretch movie did not waste much time to take us to the core of the story. Get prepared for this extremely rare voyage into the space with a logical explanation for everything you see on the screen. Well done research for the most matured and intelligent writing. All the credit must go to Nolan brothers. A good sign from Jonathan Nolan, who can make big in the entertainment industry in a future like his brother.

As we know many had liked 'Inception', to me that was a simple multi-layered action movie, that's all. But the same stuffs that used in this film makes sense. In fact, you have to have a little knowledge over how the universe works, so then it will be easy to catch the scene and situations while watching the movie. Totally like a documentary style concept, but with the additional stuffs like characters and its emotions add flavor that gives a movie look. An educational movie, though it also can work for those who wants just entertainment. Only the slow movie pace would test their patience.

It all begins like Shyamalan's 'Signs' movie with a family living surrounded by corn field. Then switches to 'The Astronaut Farmer' and going through 'Gravity', finally meets the 'Inception'. It was just a reference to call the movie setting that brings constant change for every half an hour. Like the opening scene and the end scene had over a 100 years difference.

As I earlier said it was the story of a family alongside the future of humankind and decoding universal mysteries through travelling in space and time. This movie would a reasonable for those who thought '2001: A Space Odyssey' is a boring piece, Cleverly written cinematic piece especially for science geeks. I don't know how perfect the movie to the actual present astrophysics, but will justify for the common people's capacity of understanding with an encourageable amount of commercial elements in it to entertain as well.

The first three quarters of the movie was well made. It puts me in a unblinkable position like a story was narrated by Brian Cox in a television series. Like I said, lots of astrophysics involved in it, but strangely human emotions were also exhibited equally that I never expected one from Nolan film. It was not an ordinary sentiment, but was strong enough to make a man cry for happy and sad situations in the movie. I liked science and emotion coming together. In fact, it saved the movie, otherwise it would have been a science documentary straight from NASA production through Nolan direction.

There are many surprise elements in the movie and of course there is a twist at the end. We can call it a series of twists like the layers. Compared to last quarter of the movie to the rest, it completely detaches which opens broadly to the different directions. And that happens so fast rushing towards the other end. Which give an impression of the movie 'Inception'. In a perfect way to say the first 75% was 'The Tree of Life' and the remains are 'Inception'.

‘‘This world's a treasure,
but it's been telling us to leave for a while now.’’

All the actors were so good. Matthew McConaughey steals the show as he dominates the majority of the screen space in the story presentation. There's no ruling out the fine performance executions from Anne Hathaway and the young star from the Twilight movie, Mackenzie Foy. The remaining cast was having less scope which were like the guest appearances that was widened a little broader, but was perfectly fitted for the story. Especially Matt Damon's was the crucial one.

Remember the movie 'Contact', a lovely movie, which was ruined by its fictional ending. Something like that happened in this film as well. The story was initiated with a realistic approach with actual scientific contents as per the present understanding about the universe. But the end was let me down with the layered contents that kind of impossible to agree with it. As a cinematic theme it worked, yeah, a good solution for this wonderfully written story. We know that the time can't run backwards, so that's the trouble.

Anyway, this movie defines in a new way, I mean scientifically the existence of ghost. It was not a horror movie, but I liked supernatural force that merged with this science fiction theme. That explains and gives vast ideas to expand our physics beyond something and somewhere yet to reach. Hats off to the director, because he was not thinking of making money here. His idea was to implement what the humans are understood so far about the cosmos. And he very nicely transformed those into the silver screen with the blend of human emotions. In my opinion, this will replace '2001: A Space Odyssey' for sometime till another one make this way.

I could have not asked a better space travel drama than this, especially when I heard Nolan doing a science-fiction I believed he gonna rock it. He was so true to the science and the human feelings in this film. If you had seen enough movies before like this one, you can recall your memories like the Tom Hanks parts from 'Cloud Atlas'. But still independently stands strong and falls in a never seen before category.

‘‘Maybe we've spent too long
trying to figure all this out with theory.’’

The end scene leaves a hint of a possible sequel. I would be happy if that happen in a near future, but definitely that would be a completely different cinema as per how this one ended. I know his fans want that to happen and so am I.

The visuals were not that great, but simply very good. To see those in digital 3D would have given us a different experience, sadly Nolan was not in favor of that technology. Hoping this movie would get as many as the Oscars nod. Especially not getting into the best motion picture shortlist would be a shame. Like I said I'm no one fan, I just love watching everyone's every movie. I would have went to see it again if it was converted into digital 3D, since I'm modern tech geek when it comes to the films.

It will become a talk of the week, perhaps month all over the world, so don't leave behind when your friends talk about it. What I gonna say is it is a must see asap if you are a movie fanatic like me otherwise Nolan movies does not need anyone's recommendation because his movies usually sell itself like the hot samosa.
People seem to think that if you enjoy a Christopher Nolan movie, you are a fanboy and the film couldn't really be that good. That is not true. He has never made a bad movie, Insomnia is probably his worst and it is still an excellent movie.
Interstellar is up there in his top 3, with The Dark Knight being number 1 and Inception in number 2. I don't think he will ever make a better movie than The Dark Knight, it is without a doubt a masterpiece of cinema in my opinion. It can be enjoyed on so many levels.
I remember seeing Interstellar in the movie theater and being on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was breathtaking but the end left me confused so i walked out disappointed.
Since then i have watched it many times but it only took a second viewing to realize what a great ending it is and here is why. How many people discuss the end, was the wormhole open or closed for him to make it to Brand, what happens next, is there a sequel. I discuss this with people who hate the movie and the debate will still last a good 30 minutes if not more without getting heated. It is a wonderful story told through the eyes of a genius film maker who deserves more than he receives, an oscar would be nice start.
I read hat his next movie is to be released in July 2017, I can't wait to find out everything about it like i have since he began.
If you're unsure about Christopher Nolan, watch his career from the beginning starting with Doodlebug.
Another grandiloquent movie from Christoper Nolan.

The cast is good, and McConaughey performs a role made for himself. The photography is very nice but the movie commits all the same mistakes than previous Nolan's movies. I think mistakes but it may be that they are the points Nolan fans enjoy the most ...

* The story makes you believe it is a realy deeply thought plot but, in the end, it has so basic mistakes and stupidities that make it nonsensical.
* There is a general ambience of every moment being epic; deep, solemn and smart dialogues but, at some point our highly trained engineer and pilot behaves really stupidly.
* To keep the mentioned constant feeling of being in an epic moment, Nolan uses a thumping and insistent soundtrack. As it is not a moment, but a 3h movie, it is really tiresome.

All in all, the movie is OK but you can only think this is a great movie if you are a real Nolan fan.
"Man kind was born on earth, it was never meant to die here."

IT has been two days since I watched it and I still can't get it out of my head. I can safely say that it has been a long LONG time since a movie had this much effect on me after watching it. And the only thing I can think of now is to somehow Re-Watch it again.

This movie was surprisingly different from Christopher Nolan's recent works because they had been great cinematic entertainment pieces catered to a wider audience with a blockbuster approach, this certainly didn't felt like that and hence the polarizing response it got. It is an ambitious project that is not meant to merely entertain, walk into it knowing that. I'll say this though, If it works for you, you'll be in heaven.

The premise of the movie is that Earth is no longer capable of supporting humans on it, we must find a new home to avoid extinction. This scenario is told from a very personal perspective and not from a Global scale like some sort of apocalyptic catastrophe disaster film. At the core of the movie is the Father-Daughter relationship. The movie takes its sweet time to develop it too.

Mathew McConaughey, not surprisingly, gives an amazing performance as the main lead. He really carries the film, some scenes were very emotional due to his great performance. The rest of the cast does a great job as well, especially the Daughter played by Meckenzie Foy. The One character that I never expected to be great was the robot TARS. He also acted as the source of the humor in the movie, well executed, timely and grounded.

Interstellar tackles a lot of themes, Survival, Humankind, Love, Time etc, out of which 'Time' had the biggest impact on me. With relativity being a big part in the film, the whole sequence about it just struck me very deeply and I found new respect for Time. I'm actually at a loss of words to describe it. Also, there is a lot science in it so it can be confusing for many and in Nolan's tradition, it also has twists and mind numbing ending, where the more you think about it, the more numbing it gets.

The visuals of this movie are breathtaking. Great cinematography and CGI. The depiction of wormholes and blackholes and other space entities were the best I have ever seen. They just suck you into the movie. Along with that, you get to listen to one of Hans Zimmer's best scores. The score not only felt personal, going perfectly with the movie, but also different from his recent works. There were times where combination of epic photography and soundtrack made the scenes timeless, like I was completely sucked into it and didn't had a clue about my surroundings. I didn't want those scenes to end.

Alas, the movie was not perfect. My biggest gripe with it is that the pacing and editing was off at times. Some scenes dragged on while others were cut far shorter. The beautiful views of space could have definitely benefited from a few seconds longer onscreen time. Also, I wished there was more space exploration in it.

With all the remakes, rehashes, reboots and sequels we are getting in these times, it is great to see original gems like these. This movie is definitely one of this year's best, one of Nolan's best work and one of the best movie I have seen in recent years.

This was my most anticipated film of 2014, and I was not disappointed.

The story was slightly difficult to follow on the first watch, but that was to be expected in a film dealing with complicated fields such as astrophysics and time dilation. Many didn't find its overall message - that love is the most powerful force in the universe which transcends space and time - to be very appealing, but I thought it was an interesting take on special relativity and how two people can be bound by a common feeling, even when they're in different parts of the universe at different times. I also thought the acting was believable, for the most part, and I didn't think anyone was miscast. I enjoyed the surprise appearance from a certain famous actor about halfway through.

But what really blew me away were the visuals and the soundtrack. I believe it was Quentin Tarantino who once said movies and music go hand in hand; that a moving image complimented by the right piece of music can create art. Well, the visuals in this film, which took my breath away, and the score, which perfectly captured the 'feel' of the cosmos and all its wonder, proved him right. I think this was Hans Zimmer's best work yet, and although I'm not Christopher Nolan's biggest fan, I will continue to follow his work if he can pull off more movies like this.

My only regret was not seeing this film in IMAX.

That this movie, at the time of writing this, holds an 8.8 rating at IMDb is simply beyond my understanding. Needless to say I did not really like this movie. The story is not very good, the science is ludicrous and the visuals not all that impressive. Maybe the latter would be better in a big theater (I watched this on my home cinema system which has a relatively large screen by European standards) but I am not really sure about that either.

Be warned that the rest of this review might contain a spoiler or two.

The movie starts of with the usual “I told you so” wet dream of the green fanatics on a dying Earth so it is off to a depressing start right away. That is an overused concept today as far as I am concerned. Then they pour it on with a school official claiming that he Apollo missions and moon landings never happened. What the f…? If they wanted to depress the audience right from the start they succeeded, at least with this audience.

The story proceeds with our heroes finding these gravity waves in the sand and by a huge stretch of imagination decrypts them to mean coordinates which leads them to the secret NASA base. Once there Cooper is told that he is their best choice of pilot for a “save the human race” mission through a wormhole. Yeah, right! This guy was former NASA. His whereabouts could hardly been unknown to them. If he was their best choice why would they entrust a mission to save the human race to someone else until he stumbled onto their door? Typical Hollywood nonsense!

The movie is full of this kind of rubbish. Romilly wastes 23 years of his life doing pretty much nothing except deciding not to go into the sleep capsule. The supposedly highly trained and vetted professor that they do find turns out to be a psychopath as well as and idiot almost blowing up the ship when trying to proceed with a docking that all the systems tells him have not succeeded. Then they proceed to dock with the main ship and stop its spin as well as bring it out of orbit around a planet with the shuttles engines. That is one hell of a powerful shuttle not to mention the strength of the docking mechanism! This just goes on. When someone is not doing something illogical or stupid (or both) they sit around talking, philosophizing and dragging the movie forward at snails pace. 169 minutes is way too much for this movie.

The movie ends up in one big time travel mess (okay they do not travel in time, just sends messages through time but still…) during a bunch of psychedelic scenes while traveling through the back hole. Science? Not so much. And what about this totally ludicrous massively illogical and inefficient robot design?

The one good thing I can say about this movie is that the performance of most of the actors, especially Matthew McConaughey, are quite good. For the rest, not my cup of tea.
Again hit produced by christopher nolan after batman.
Storyline is great and also the science theory is perfectly showcased.

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