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The Hunger Games 2012 kostenlose filme -1080p-SDDS

The Hunger Games 2012 Ganzer Film

The Hunger Games"

The Hunger Games-ganzer film-2012-AVI-ganzer film-Dolby Digital-FLA-deutsch-Bluray-online anschauen-SDDS-HDTS-FLV.jpg


The Hunger Games 2012


156 minuziös




ASF 1080p


Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy




Cherrie, Iyla Y. Liem, Belaval D. Leclère

The Hunger Games 2012 The Hunger Games ganzer film deutsch, The Hunger Games online stream - Ganzer film, The Hunger Games ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

Very well made movie with quality writing, acting and cinematography.

**Pros**: strong performance from the star. Technically excellent.

**Cons**: Seems to me that the ending was premature but perhaps intentionally so - for a sequel? Character development is largely weak but there are a lot of characters and already a long movie so I suspect a lot was left on the cutting room floor.

Despite some weakness, still a compelling movie worth a watch if not up to all of the hype.
Stories about revolution can be quite good. But stories about why a revolution is needed are invariably great. The Hunger Games is such a story.

The movie (for the most part), closely follows the book, and does a good job of it. It also sets up the next book/movie beautifully, even better than the book itself does.

The premise, of course, is borrowed from Ancient Rome, when gladiators and/or criminals an/or people whom the emperor wanted killed were forced to fight each other to the death in a public arena for the entertainment of the general populace. And just as decadent as Rome was back then (only rescued from itself by the rise in prominence of The Christian sect), so the "Capitol" is now portrayed in the film/book---and the film portrayed the affluent decadence of the Capitol quite well.

In this particular instance the "tributes" were chosen at random from among children aged 12 through 18, and it was meant as retribution and reminder of the "crimes" the 12 colonies committed by reveling against the authority and rule of the Capitol 74 years ago. At the public "reaping", when a boy and a girl were chosen to become the sacrificial tributes at teach of the 12 colonies, the Decree of Punishment was read and the colonies were reminded that this punishment was established to demonstrate how weak the colonies were in comparison with the Capitol, in that the Capitol could take the most prized possessions of the colonies (namely, their children), and the colonists themselves could do nothing about it. And to really rub it in, the colonists themselves were forced to watch the tournament proceedings.

I have to say, the punishment is deviously clever from the point of view of the Capitol. It certainly keeps the Colonies divided in spirit (they were already segregated physically, with no communication between them allowed by the Capitol), for in cheering for their own children they are therefore cheering for the defeat---and therefore death---of the other colonies' children. It also keeps colonists divided within each colony, for there can only be one champion, which means that in wishing their children not to be chosen at the reaping, each colonist is thereby wishing that someone else's children be chosen. Furthermore, in celebrating that their children were not chosen, they are also, incidentally, celebrating that some other person's children will likely die. And for the families of the chosen children, in supporting their own family member during the tournament, they are incidentally supporting the death of the other family's child. And it keeps the population of the colonies low, which the Capitol would want to promote (less chance for another insurrection if the population is low): for the youngest are taken, before they are married, and those who survive the yearly reapings will think twice about having children of their own and having them go through this traumatic process year after year during their most vulnerable adolescent years. And furthermore, the Capitol encourages the colonists' tacit endorsement by rewarding the winner's Colony with extra food that year (hence "The 'Hunger' Games"). But it is all manipulation, in the end.

In fact, by the end of the Games, right before being killed himself, one of the most avid killers among the children realizes just how much it all is the Capitol's manipulation, how pointless it all is to those who participate, and how, in the end, he didn't really have a chance---that he was destined to die from the beginning---and that killing or being killed is all that not only the Capitol, but also his Colony, want from him. An eye-opening realization for someone who up to this point had been quite eager to kill his fellow children.

Given the vicious circumstances which were thrust upon these children---none of which is their fault---the question naturally arises: how should a child bound under the moral law behave? Should he try to win, by killing the other children? Should they try to win at all? Should they let themselves be killed, in order that another might live?

Of course, the obvious moral choice would be for none of the children to participate in this horrendous form of reality television: if they do not fight each other the show is not interesting, and eventually it is discontinued. The children would likely still be executed, along with many of their own family members in reprisal from the Capitol. If one thinks in terms of consequences only (utilitarianism), then this would be the wrong approach: after all, they would say "it is better that one person survives than that they---and all their families---die". But such thinking is quite repugnant, however logical it is. Consequentialism is missing a big piece of the moral landscape, namely that we ought not to become evil ourselves in our fight against evil. Yes, the consequences of "civil disobedience" as could morally be practiced in this scenario are more dire in terms of the quantity of damage made. But they are much more preferable in terms of the quality of damage made. By fully participating in the carnage (and inflicting some yourself) you become complicit in the very evil which oppresses you. Similarly, your family, and even your colonies (and all colonies, for that matter) become part of the system, and in some tacit way endorse it---for they all want their children to live, and tacitly support the other colonists' children's death. Furthermore, what kind of person does one become after killing 23 children by brutal means at a very young age (when the impressions of life still shape us in a powerful manner)? What kind of society does one help create when one has inwardly become a psychotic monster? What kind of society abides criminal monsters in its midst?

But, some will claim, it is unrealistic to expect each and every child to be morally minded, especially when some children (from two different colonies which are highly favored by the Capitol) actually volunteered for the "honor" to represent their colonies at the tournament. What is the correct moral response when civil disobedience is not an option (no opportunity) and some, if not most of the other children are out to kill you, whether by pleasure or need to survive?

It seems to me there are two possible moral responses. one of them is the route of self-defense, whereby one does not intentionally kill or go out of one's way to engage the enemy, but tries to flee as a first alternative, BUT where one DOES defend oneself against the attacks of others, and inflicts only as much harm as is necessary to stop the aggressor, AND only if absolutely necessary one uses lethal force. In the end, very likely, the Capitol would force matters to a resolution, either by forcing "aggressors" and "defensors" into a particular area (very good television), or by artificially creating natural/artificial disasters which killed whomever they disliked most. But, again, this would be the Capitol's doing: an evil force acting evilly which one cannot stop. One would have been preserved from sinking to doing/becoming evil.

The other moral route, the more perfect route, would be the route of Jesus: to willfully become the sacrificial lamb for the sake of spiritual (and therefore) moral change. The martyrs of the Church have for ages followed this route, to the spiritual benefit of the whole Church, and the cultural benefit of all humanity. The spiritual benefit is quite and readily seen through the Communion of Saints, whereby these martyr's love renews and creates the Church anew, greatly adding to the spiritual gifts of which the rest of us partake---gifts which slowly transform us for the better, over years and generations. And it is this transformation which over the centuries affects culture. Gradually better people live their lives out in gradually better communities. And Love wins out at the end of time. After all, very few societies nowadays would consider it acceptable to inflict the tortures which were inflicted to prisoners (especially Christians) in the ancient days of Rome: we are all repulsed by the Capitol's Decree of Punishment. If we only partook more of those graces which Christ offers through His Church!

One particular odd feature of the book (and the film) is the avoidance of any mention of God or religion whatsoever. Not even empty phrases deriving from religion appear ("My Gosh", "God willing", Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.). Why is that, especially when the subject matter so clearly lends itself to a religious treatment? Why is that, when the least historically educated among us would have heard the stories of the Christians ushered into the Colosseum to be executed/sacrificed? The closest religious reference is when Katniss Everdeen improvises a type of tribute around a fallen friend and ally in the game by creating a bed of flowers for her: the very earliest expressions of the religious impulse, as some Anthropologists would tell us. Why has the author scrubbed her book from religion at all? Is she so antagonistic to religion that she will not abide it in her book, even when it seems quite apt? If so, the bed of flowers tell us that the most primitive of religious impulses remain with her still. Or is the author trying to appeal to everyone, thus removing religion from the surface of her story so as to not alienate people of different religion than the one she chose to portray, while at the same time infusing her work with religious themes at the substrate level, where they are more powerful? Or is her point that the despotic Capitol destroyed all hope quite successfully, even the Hope of God? Given the richness of the religious themes I see in this book/movie below the surface, I am very much inclined to believe that the last of these options is the correct one. But I may be seeing what I want to see, simply because I like the story.

Now, turning to the more artistic features of the movie: The most impressive performance was done by the actor who played President Snow. His facial expressions were insuperable and spoke tons in the few lines he delivered throughout the film. His performance was astoundingly good, his face delivering contempt, skepticism, and hatred (sometimes all at once) along with the "weight of office" while speaking seemingly innocuous lines, or even while congratulating the winners (there were two winners from District 12, thanks to the cleverness of Katniss Everdeen in turning the television show against its organizers!) of the 74th Hunger Games. He single-handedly set up the next movie installment.

But the casting of Peeta is all wrong. From the book it is clear that Peeta is not handsome at all, that Peeta is the boring guy who never had a chance when it came to women, and who doesn't have a chance when it comes to Katniss Everdeen who clearly has feelings for another guy. Which makes it all the more poignant that he is desperately in love with her, and is willing to give up his life for her. In the movie he is played by a movie-star-handsome actor who clearly would have trouble keeping women away from him, and who would therefore be quite self-centered and clueless, rather than the thoughtful man he is in the book.
I had not really bothered to put this movie on my to-watch shelf since I felt it was not really my cup of tea but when my wife and oldest son wondered why we did not have it in our collection I thought, well, okay let us get it then. Actually I got the set with the two movies that have been released and yesterday we watched the first one.

Well, as far as I am concerned, it is not a turkey, it is rather “okayish” but I certainly do not understand all the hype. It is really far from a great movie. But then, I am probably somewhat biased since, as I wrote above, I did not really think this movie was my cup of tea. Anyway, it starts of with a lot of scenes in “wobblycam”. I have not met any person outside of the movie industry and self-proclaimed so-called “critics” that actually likes it when the camera wobbles around, scenes are blurred and you generally get nauseous by watching. Bad start!

The backbone of the story is ludicrous to say the least. Part of the world leaves in luxury when the rest is starving. Been there, seen that. Every year a seemingly random selection of kids, not adults but kids, are selected to fight to the death under some silly pretext of “preserving the peace”. As I said, ludicrous. The entire air of ludicrousness is enforced by the wacky costumes, makeup and hair styles of the people in the capitol. As I science fiction and fantasy fan I could easily live with this but, sadly, the movie made me only mildly interested in following the characters to the end.

The acting in general is adequate but nothing special. Having said that it must be difficult to actually make anything out of some of the silly roles in this movie. I for sure would laugh my head off every time I entered a scene with all of those ludicrous (yes I know I have used that word a lot in this review, live with it) costumes. The main characters act like the children, with absolutely no clue what they are doing, that they indeed are. This is of course entirely in line with the story but still, the main character is spending a lot of the time running away and sitting around looking startled, sorry or depressed when the games start. I have to say that, at times, the movie felt a bit boring. I have liked several movies that are very slow but here it simply did not sit right.

The games themselves with those dickheads in control and the changing rules, well they were mostly frustrating.

This movie, to me, is a movie for a young adult audience. I have not read the books and I can see how this kind of story would work for a YA book. Personally I was not unhappy having seen the movie and now, having watched the first of the movies I will watch the rest as well but for me it was okay as a two-hour diversion, nothing more.
I don't really know what's so special about this movie. I found "The Running Man" or "Total Recall" much more deep thought than this. Is it maybe that the main character is a female?

Still, it is entertaining and, in this regard, it does its job.
The Hunger Games is a new concept in a long line of post-apocalyptic future fantasies. Where other stories of the same genre often deal with technology and artificial intelligence as the main threat to human existence, Hunger Games actually takes us back to Roman times, with a revitalised version of "Panem et Circenses" or "Bread and Circuses". Simply put; human devastation as mass entertainment. Welcome to Panem: formally known as The United States of America, where every year, a young man and woman from each of the twelve districts are selected to fight each other to the death, with only one possible survivor. These Games are broadcasted on national television as a means to keep the people happy and submissive.

Considering the fact that this film is based on a teen book series (written by Suzanne Collins), I can't help but feel this concept is pretty far out there, and actually it's kind of sick. It's not a pretty idea to think that one day we might live in a world where watching young people, ranging from 12 to 18 years old, brutally murder each other is considered to be a form of mass entertainment. Thankfully, this is 'just' a story, and I must say, a very entertaining one at that (no pun intended).

The story revolves around the two youngsters from District 12, where the people are dirt poor and life is utterly desolate. 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen volunteers as 'tribute' to fight in the Hunger Games, after her little sister is initially selected. Her male counterpart is Peeta Mellark, and together they set off to train for and participate in the Games.

The character of Katniss is played by Jennifer Lawrence, and she is terrific. Actually, she is my biggest recommendation for watching this film. Before this, I had only seen her in X-Men: First Class and thought she was pretty good, but after seeing The Hunger Games, it's not hard to see why this 21-year-old already has her first Oscar nomination under her belt. She has a very natural quality about her, which makes it very easy to make you empathise with her character. She's not a superficial, happy-go-lucky kind of girl; she's actually very sullen, not even particularly likable. And yet you just love her from the get go. I guess it's charisma, and Jennifer Lawrence definitely has it.

Actually, this film is full of great actors. One of the greatest is definitely Stanley Tucci, who plays his most flamboyant role yet. His character (Caesar Flickerman, the TV-host who emcees the Games) is ridiculously over-the-top, but brilliantly amusing. With blue hair, prosthetic teeth and a big horse's smile which he flashes incessantly, he looks like a PG-13 version of the Joker. And if you're at all familiar with Tucci's work and talent, you know just what I mean when I say he's making this character appear to be oh-so nice, yet subtly sadistic at the same time. He's just great, period. Woody Harrelson also has a pretty interesting role as Haymitch Abernathy, a once-winner of the Hunger Games, who now mentors Katniss and Peeta in their training. He's scruffy and gnarly, basically just typically another weird Woody character, which is always worth the watch. Wes Bentley plays Seneca Crane, a character most notable for his unusual facial hair: he sports a beard Lucifer himself would be proud of. However, the biggest surprise to me was Elizabeth Banks, whom I am well familiar with, but never really cared for because I only know her from superficial, comedic roles. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she can also play challenging roles like this one. She plays Effie Trinket, a bizarre, neo-Renaissance type from the richest District, big wig, crazy make-up and all. She's pretty much the female version of Tucci's character and she was a delight to watch, beautifully grotesque in all her decadence.

Unfortunately, it can't all be great. I had three major problems with this film. One: if you haven't read the book, there's a lot that doesn't make sense. They really should have spent a little more time explaining everything, because more than once it simply wasn't clear to me what was going on and why. And that's a risk no filmmaker should take. Two: Peeta's character. It could be just me of course, but he annoyed the crap out of me. He just comes across as such a sissy that it's frustrating to watch. Katniss burns her leg and deals with it. Peeta cuts his leg and stays lying in a cave because he "can't walk". And then he lets her take care of him, at the risk of her own life. Give me a break. Three: totally disappointing climax. I was waiting for fireworks, for Katniss having to make brutal decisions, but this never happened. It just kind of faded out.

And this is how you can clearly tell this story has a mainly teenage demographic, and they obviously wanted to keep it PG-13. Because despite the sometimes pretty brutal violence, nasty use of weaponry and tomato ketchup-a-plenty, overall the whole just lacked, well (pardon my French)...balls. You can tell they tried to spike things up a bit here and there, but the film failed to make things truly interesting at moments where it definitely should have been. In my opinion, had they decided to make this rated-R, it would have been infinitely better.

Having said that, you can rest assured there is still plenty to enjoy. Visually it is absolutely awesome and simply beautiful. The costumes and make-up are great, as are the CGI effects. The characters (aside from Peeta...) are great, and the whole futuristic 'universe' that is created is pretty inventive.

There is actually still a lot more I would like to say, but I've reached my word-limit, so I'll just leave you with this: Thumbs up!
_(April 2012)_
A powerful movie that crosses several genres. From various post-apocalyptic movies we are shown the world after a worldwide disaster that has destroyed our civilization and left a more brutal one. From Spartacus the idea of gladiator games, with the added horror that these "fighters" are children who are presumably too naive to put up any resistance to the regime. From 1984 we have futuristic technology which can monitor anything the victims do, giving them no privacy in their last moments.

But the originality is in the heroine -- a tomboy determined to stay alive without losing her integrity. How can she keep herself and her friends alive in a fight when only one victim will be allowed to leave the arena intact, and an entire decadent empire is arrayed against her? This part was given to Jennifer Lawrence, who impressed audiences so well that she inspired numerous later action heroines -- Tris in DIVERGENT, Wonder Woman, Arya Stark, and others

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Fifty Shades of Grey 2015 kostenlose filme -1080p-MPE

Fifty Shades of Grey 2015 Ganzer Film

Fifty Shades of Grey"

Fifty Shades of Grey-HDTS-2015-MPEG-1-MPEG-1-online stream-stream hd-MPEG-1-M1V-1440p-ganzer film-BDRip-FLA.jpg


Fifty Shades of Grey 2015


185 Augenblick




MPEG-1 1080p


Drama, Romance, Thriller




Edda, Lepage S. Rossana, Riley S. Huriya

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Love 2015 kostenlose filme -1440p-MPG

Love 2015 Online Stream




Love 2015


177 Konzept




M4V 720p


Drama, Romance




Paquet, Pasteur M. Salois, Tybin G. Monet

Love 2015 Love ganzer film deutsch, Love online stream - Ganzer film, Love ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

Love – Wikipedia ~ Dies ist eine Begriffsklärungsseite zur Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselben Wort bezeichneter Begriffe

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Love Hotel – Wikipedia ~ Das Love Hotel jap ラブホテル rabu hoteru umgangssprachlich ラブホ rabuho ist eine besondere Art des Stundenhotels in Japan und gleichzeitig ein wichtiges Element der modernen japanischen Alltagskultur Der Besuch eines solchen Etablissements gilt in Japan nicht unbedingt als anrüchig auch wenn es von Prostituierten und für außereheliche Affären benutzt werden kann

Courtney Love – Wikipedia ~ Courtney Love 1964 in San Francisco Kalifornien eigentlich Courtney Michelle Harrison ist eine USamerikanische Rocksängerin Gitarristin Liederschreiberin und spielt in der Band Hole Sie ist die Witwe des NirvanaSängers Kurt Cobain mit dem sie eine Tochter Frances Bean Cobain 1992 hat

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Kevin Love – Wikipedia ~ Kevin Wesley Love er 1988 in Santa Monica Kalifornien ist ein USamerikanischer Basketballspieler der bei den Cleveland Cavaliers in der NBA auf der Position des Centers spielt Er ist vierfacher AllStar und hat seine Stärken bei Punkten und Rebounds sodass er häufig DoubleDoubles erzielt

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Jennifer Love Hewitt – Wikipedia ~ Jennifer Love Hewitt 1979 in Waco Texas ist eine USamerikanische Schauspielerin und Sä Deutschland wurde sie vor allem durch die Rolle der Sarah Reeves bekannt die sie in den Serien Party of Five und New York Life – Endlich im Leben spielte Große Popularität erlangte Jennifer Love Hewitt auch durch ihre Hauptrolle in den ersten beiden Teilen von Ich weiß was

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2011 kostenlose filme -1440p-MPEG-2

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2011 Ganzer Film

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-uncut-2011-online stream-MPEG-1-M4V-untertitel-AAF-AAF-MPEG-2-online anschauen-mit untertitel-untertitel.jpg


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2011


136 minuziös




MPE 720p


Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Drama




Efrain, Brenton Z. Andria, Senapus X. Landyn

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2011 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ganzer film deutsch, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo online stream - Ganzer film, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

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Split 2017 kostenlose filme -1440p-SDDS

Split 2017 Stream Hd


Split-mit untertitel-2017-ganzer film-Sonics-DDP-SDDS-DVDScr-MPEG-1-DAT-deutsch-SDDS-online schauen-ganzer film.jpg


Split 2017


126 Niederschrift




Dolby Digital 1440p


Horror, Thriller




Coden, Kashmir E. Nazifa, Jaylen S. Jobin

Split 2017 Split ganzer film deutsch, Split online stream - Ganzer film, Split ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

There has been much discussion about whether or not it is socially acceptable to watch Split. I'm gonna skip right over all of that and talk purely about the movie itself.

Anya Taylor-Joy is good, but McAvoy is what makes Split worthwhile. The heavily touted twist/reveal was all but a non-event, even to a M. Night alum like myself. Though it is certainly (in my opinion) the best work The Shamhammer has brought out since at least Signs, it's hard to say that its successes rest on his shoulders. Again, it is for McAvoy that we really owe praise, who, with the exception of his role as the lead in Filth, gives his career best performance.

Final rating:★★★ - I personally recommend you give it a go.
Split was a movie that I was a bit weary to see, I had been bitten by M. Knight before and I wasn't sure if this movie would be worth while. But the trailers looked great and I had always thought James McAvoy was a seriously underrated actor.

Split surprised me. I loved this movie. Ann Taylor-Joy was decent in the film and the Dr was great, but McAvoy knocked it out of the park. Being able to portray all these different personalities with no props such as wigs or makeup shows his talent. It was amazing how one personality made you feel uneasy and perplexed and the next had you smiling and feeling like you were really staring at a strange child. Bravo McAvoy.

The twist at the end made me love this movie even more. Though I'm not sure if you can really cal it a twist. A "reveal" might be the better word for what the audience learns. Whatever you want to cal it, the reveal at the end made me excited to see what's next!

The only thing I didn't like about this film was the unresolved conflict between Ann Taylor-Joy's character at the end of the film.
Besides that, I loved it. Definitely worth watching.
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Not a fan of The director since Unbreakable. It was slightly above average but no whee near the quality of The Sixth Sence. I don't know why I keep watching his movies, probably hoping one will be the same extraordinary quality. With all the pre-release buzz I thought this was finally that movie.

I was so disappointed. I rated it slightly lower than Unbreakable. I don't know exactly where it where it went off the rails, but it never held my attention (and I'm not ADHD- I sit though theee hours of a good bio pic.

A good part of this was the girls trying asinine ways to escape; at other time we see McAvoy play several personalities half heartily. After all the award talk I expected a much better and diverse McAvoy. Sadly, just like the majority of Night's films he has his actors perform methodically. It actually felt McAlvoy was pushing his talents against the brick wall of what the director wanted.

He wasn't the only actor who underplayed the role. So did the doctor and the three teenage girls. First, after all these late night calls for extra appointment why didn't she get upset earlier or pull a personality up (which she has stated she can do) to discover the emergency instead of A casual bye--you-leave when another dominant personality shows up to the appointment.

I rate this in the same category of Nights's films except the quality Sisth Sense and Devil, which he did not direct and only wrote the original story,

As for,the ending, I felt it was a cheap shot. If the point was they are in the same time, the message came across far too,strong. If it is a hitnt to an Unbreakable 2 I'll pass and see another big screen feature.
I read some reviews and gave this movie a shot. I was very disappointed.

M. Night Shyamalan's last good movie, in my opinion of course, was The Village, where he had control over his style.

In Split he tries to use the same formula, but it doesn't work. There was no build up in reveling the plot, and then when we get to the end the feeling I got was : "Is that it ?".

Sure all the actors were good, but that didn't make the experience for me any better.
**The 24th's about to explode!**

The much needed break for the director Shyamalan. It has been over a decade since the last time he was lauded like this for his work. On the paper, it was a simple split personality disaster theme, but cinematically clicked so well. Firstly the performance of James McAvoy made this film a very success. I have seen his lots of films, but if I had to choose only one of his great, that's would be easily this one. A straightforward story, no complication to understand, or needed to explain everything it revolves. Then suddenly the final act turned into a different mode. With a twist, all comes to end.

The three teenage girls have been kidnapped at the beginning. Following that, the victims do not know the situation, but makes a couple of bad moves, except one girl. As the film progress, many secrets revealed to us, particularly about the kidnapper. It all developed to lead in one direction where an unimaginable thing going to happen. How and what result it brings told in the following parts.

The perspective of the story was not really a thing in this. That means it does not take sides, but gives you the option to choose. And most of the viewers would root for the weird girl. It was Anya, and she's having a wonderful career in early stage. Could becomes one of the best if she contributed all her performances in the same pace and intensity. The music was equally awesome. Created the perfect atmosphere along with the visuals. I could have not asked the better one. Best thriller of the year. You will be stupid to miss it out if you love films.

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James McAvoy plays Kevin, a man with a genetic disease which allows him to have multiple personalities. His trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Karen Fletcher (Betty Buckley), knows 23 of them, but there's one hidden from everyone who desires to dominate over all the others. Compelled by one of his personalities, Kevin abducts three girls, where Casey Cooke (Anya Taylor-Joy) becomes their leader to try and escape the "crazy" man.

Is this the return to form by M. Night Shyamalan, who has been struggling for more than a decade to release a major success? Is Split the movie that brings him back to the spotlight?

Once again, Shyamalan's storytelling is very original, unconventional and ultimately mind-blowing. Instead of establishing everything the audience needs to know about the characters right at the beginning, he gradually develops them, giving them haunting backstories and spreading parts of it throughout the runtime. That said, this film isn't for everyone. The audience needs to trust Shyamalan and be patient. Really patient. Don't start taking notes about something that you think it's negative because once you reach the third act, everything changes and suddenly it all makes sense. The screenplay is not as twisty as Unbreakable, for example, but it demands absolute attention in order to catch up on all the things that matter (and the ones that don't, as well).

The production and editing team have to be congratulated due to their seamless work. From the camera work to the extended one-take sequences, as well as the environment surrounding the characters, everything feels real and looks amazing. The soundtrack ... Let me just say that this element is so, but so much relevant to the conclusion of this movie. I can't really say anything else without spoiling the ending, so I'll leave a note after my rating at the end of the review with a MAJOR SPOILER.

As for the cast, I'll start with the man that I honestly think should have received an Oscar nomination: James McAvoy. You know, there's a big difference in portraying a non-fiction character instead of a fiction one: concerning the former, you can't really escape the true nature of the person you are playing, but with the latter, as an actor/actress, you have to deliver yourself 100% to the role for it to be believable ... And God, does McAvoy deliver! He gives 200% in what could be his best performance to date. Do you think Andy Serkis had problems portraying both Gollum and Sméagol at the same time? Well, imagine 7 ... or 8 characters. I lost the count. All in all, James McAvoy, sir, congratulations! You are superb!

Anya Taylor-Joy is also incredible as Casey! Her character has the most intriguing story of the three girls, and she's the one who assumes the leadership of the group once the kidnap occurs. Her initially unknown past helps her through the traumatic situation, but it's really her rather captivating backstory that grabbed my attention. It's fundamental to the understanding of the ending and Anya does a terrific job. I also want to give a small praise to Betty Buckley for a beautiful and necessary interpretation of Dr. Fletcher, a character that offers the audience some knowledge of Kevin's disease.

As for the other two kidnapped girls, well ... They're my main issue with the film since they don’t have a good reason to be there. Claire (Haley Lu Richardson) and Marcia (Jessica Sula) aren't the main characters, and they don't have that much screen time, but their dialogue still feels extremely forced and filled with a lot of nonsense. The ending of the story might not be as twisty as in other Shyamalan's installments, but I hope that people don't give up to false expectations. The classic Shyamalan's twisty ending isn't a necessary attribute of his movies, but the truth is that the twist is not the one you think it is. Once again, the note at the end of my review will clarify this.

In the end, Split is Shyamalan's return to his old early 2000's self. Brilliantly unconventional storytelling, a lot of suspense, some very captivating subplots and a fantastic editing and production team behind him. The soundtrack plays a huge role in this film, as well as James McAvoy, who delivers his career-best performance. Anya Taylor-Joy is also pretty extraordinary, something that can't be said about her fellow friends who portrayed two bland characters. The ending brings the classic twist that makes everything more understandable, and I gotta say ... I love this film, and it is one of 2017's best!


As I said above, the soundtrack plays a huge role in the ending twist. That's because the soundtrack that plays right before the title of the movie appears on the screen, is the same one as in the third act of Unbreakable.

This is one of the many clues throughout the film that hint at the idea that Split belongs to Unbreakable's universe. Naturally, after the title shows up, there's a scene with David Dunn (Bruce Willis) that confirms this theory, but these are little details that make Shyamalan into a great director and screenwriter. Also, it's a pity that I've only watched these movies after Shyamalan stating that they were part of an eventual trilogy. Not that I was not surprised at the end of Split, but it did remove that first impact of pure shock in knowing that two films separated by 17 years (in real life) are part of the same universe.

Both movies end up falling into the "superhero" genre. Unbreakable is the story of our "hero" who spent his whole life sad because he wasn't doing "what he was supposed to do", and Split is an origin story of our "villain". If Glass delivers, this might be one of the best “superhero” trilogies ever.

Rating: A
You like to make fun of us, but we are more powerful than you think.

Split is written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It stars James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, Haley Lu-Richardson and Jessica Sula. Music is by West Dylan Thordson and cinematography by Mike Gioulakis.

Three girls are kidnapped by a man with a diagnosed 23 different personalities. They must try to escape before the apparent emergence of the 24th - known as The Beast...

We now know that Split is the second instalment of a trilogy by Shyamalan that began with Unbreakable and is ending with Glass (released 2019). Always proving to be a most divisive director/writer/actor, Shyamalan has returned to the sort of noticeable form that had him earmarked in his early days as a director to follow - with the proviso that inevitably this is going to still infuriate some for its handling of the subjects at hand.

The plot trajectory is simple enough, girls kidnapped by a patient suffering from multiple personality disorder, as the girls in fear try to escape, a number of his personalities put in an appearance. Which builds up to the finale, which explodes after following on from the suspense and dread atmospherics so beloved by the director. In the mix joining the mental health issue with our main protagonist is a good meaning doctor (naturally), and the spectre of child abuse rears its ugly head. So not a movie to be cheered up by then! While if looking for a detailed and attentive look at the mental health issues to hand you will be disappointed.

However, there is a style to the picture in how it draws you into the predicament of the main players, boosted no end by McAvoy on irresistible form. Given licence to chew every scene, he delivers his various characters with great relish and no little amount of skill. Props to for Taylor-Joy, who as the lead kidnappee has deftly blended youthful innocence with resourceful strength (aided by Shyamalan's writing of course). Conversely, Shyamalan is guilty of just making a pic for entertainment purpose, which works as it's a very good creepy thriller with its black humour moments, but the mental health plot devices ensure his gimmicks will not be welcomed by all. 7/10

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Gone Girl 2014


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M1V 720p


Mystery, Thriller, Drama




Luana, Didier X. Elaina, Nemo R. Chaye

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Good cast and decent story, although the end is not very convincing.

The cut of the movie is really good and Rosamund Pike is genuinely scary.

Not a master piece but quite good given the lack of passable movies lately.
Rosamund Pike is outstanding as the wronged wife and Ben Affleck is very good as the husband. It is convoluted, and you do start to think is this just going over the top, but the end just shows Pike's character to be a damaged high-functioning psychopath. So at the final sequence, even if it's a tad far fetched even if you feel that Affleck deserves everything coming to him, the look she gives to the camera is that of an pure evil. As my youngest daughter used to say when she was a kid, she's got scary eyes.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them-hd stream-2016-FLA-uncut-DTS-stream-720p-auf englisch-italienisch-auf italienisch-blu ray-1440p.jpg


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016


146 Minute




MPEG-2 1080p


Adventure, Family, Fantasy




Alicia, Carré K. Sylvain, Denil N. Staël

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ganzer film deutsch, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them online stream - Ganzer film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

Struggles desperately to be three movies at once: One about Pokemon, one about proto-Voldemort and one (uncharacteristically dark story) about child abuse. But none of these three movies are bad movies so _Fantastic Beasts_ gets a pass from me.

I was particularly fond of the degree to which it tied into the Harry Potter world at large. There were moments were I went “Oh Harry’s used that same spell before!” or characters that fitted naturally into the narrative being mentioned, as opposed to getting all _Agents of SHIELD_ season 1 on us, and awkwardly name-dropping something from the other films every 5 minutes, just in case we forgot, which was what I was afraid it might do.

End result, _Fantastic Beasts_ is a flawed film that I was still very happy to have watched, and exceeded my expectations.

_Final rating:★★★ - I personally recommend you give it a go._
I must say I was expecting to like it, and I really liked it despite the few generic moments throughout the film.

Can watch again/10.
Personally I found this movie to be 2+ hours of excellent entertainment. This is one of these movies where I simply cannot understand how people can give one and two star ratings stating that it is garbage etc. I do not get what these people expected? Maybe they just have to complain? The original Harry Potter books are very much books for children or young adults and so is this movie. It is a highly entertaining story in a magical universe with some adventure, some suspense and a lot of humor.

The magic and the magical animals are quite cool. The pocket universe (or whatever they are called in the Harry Potter world) is simply gorgeous and cool. The story is not really much to write home about but it does not have to be. This is a magical movie where the magical atmosphere is what makes the movie. It is a good enough story involving a bit of suspense, action, friendship, bad guys, quite some humor and, of course, a lot of magic. More importantly perhaps, the story is not overly stupid nor does is try to peddle crappy SJW nonsense messages about gender or diversity nor climate. This movie delivers where it counts as far as I am concerned. It is entertaining, plain and simple.

If I should endeavor try to find something to complain about it would probably be that the lead character was fairly bland. He did not really have much charisma. That and the fact that I never really understood which, despicable (presumably) acts the main opponent, Grindelwald, had actually committed before the events of the movie.

On the whole I enjoyed the movie a lot and although it is perhaps not the absolutely best movie I have ever seen but it still deserves a top rating.
**Well, everything's in the title itself, you watch it only to confirm.**

I don't want to be so negative like the film critics, but this is a big disappointment for me watching being a film fanatic. I don't think anyone who loved 'Harry Potter' film series would thumb this new beginning. This is not like 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' from the same universe, but different trilogies. I was excited for something like that, as a concept wise, for the fresh tale from from the fresh characters in the same universe. I don't know about the book version, but the film did not click for me.

It had a bunch of nice characters, and to set in the Harry Potter universe, really it should have been a masterpiece. The major drawback was the story. There's nothing to appreciate the screenplay. It's about some creatures from the magical world got out in the human world, just like 'Jumanji'. So our hero struggles to recapture them. Meanwhile, some others too involved in and the reason will be revealed in the final stage.

Nice casting and great visuals. I won't point out its director's fault, because he has done his duty very well. He's also will be the man behind the rest of the sequels. I think it deserved the Oscars for the costume design. Not a bad film, particularly for the kids. Comparing it with the Harry Potter franchise makes it a worst film, but independently it is an okay film. So the initiation was average, but I'm still expecting the follow ups to be much better.


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Me Before You"

Me Before You-FLA-2016-M2V-DVDrip-MPE-FLV-stream hd-ganzer film-DAT-Bluray-ganzer film-ASF.jpg


Me Before You 2016


167 kleinst




AVI 1440p


Drama, Romance




Cowan, Tauqeer P. Dubled, Gunner V. Newton

Me Before You 2016 Me Before You ganzer film deutsch, Me Before You online stream - Ganzer film, Me Before You ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

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EMailKonto – Wikipedia ~ Einrichten eines EMailKontos In dem Augenblick in dem sich der Benutzer beim EMailAnbieter ein Benutzerkonto als Zugangsberechtigung zulegt richtet ihm der EMailAnbieter ein EMailPostfach ein Hierbei wählt der Benutzer einen Benutzernamen häufig ein Pseudonym und ein Passwort

E Wedel – Wikipedia ~ Geschichte Das Unternehmen wurde 1851 unter dem Namen E Wedel von Karl Wedel einem aus Deutschland eingewanderten Unternehmer in Warschau gegründet Das Unternehmen entwickelte sich schnell zu einem der größten und beliebtesten Hersteller von Schokolade in Polen Der Name Wedel ist in Polen ein Synonym für hohe Qualität und eine traditionsreiche Geschichte im Bereich der

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Selasa, 25 April 2017

The Lobster 2015 kostenlose filme -1080p-SDDS

The Lobster 2015 Ganzer Film Deutsch

The Lobster"

The Lobster-DVDScr-2015-ganzer film-FLA-AVI-auf englisch-WMV-720p-MPG-film-auf italienisch-download.jpg


The Lobster 2015


116 Niederschrift




DTS 1080p


Thriller, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction


English, Français


Draven, Oona P. Roxanne, Sachith C. Athul

The Lobster 2015 The Lobster ganzer film deutsch, The Lobster online stream - Ganzer film, The Lobster ganzer film online stream - Deutsch

> Another peculiar dystopian tale set in the future.

From the director of the Oscars nominated movie 'Dogtooth'. If you are familiar with his signature movie, you will find it so good. This is not the best movie I had seen that set in the future, but like any other it was another dystopian tale. A black comedy-romance with a decent storyline, performances and overall a nice entertainer.

The pace was very depressing, but I kept hooked to it for its frequent unpredictable scenes. The first act took place in a hotel which is the introduction to the odd world and the situation where the plot opens. When it moved to the 2nd half, especially after Rachel Weisz come into the frame, the entire scenario changed to atypical romance mode and kept that way till the last with a simple twist in the finale.

Colin Ferrell's character was something like the one from the movie 'Her'. But not the same movie, or the theme, except the combination of the genres. It was a good movie, I enjoyed it, but not as much as others say they did. IMPO, it is a one time watch movie for its peculiarness.

This was an odd experience, as I just recently ended a self-imposed 12-year moratorium on relationships, due to a couple of bad ones I had within a short period of time in the early 2000's. It was very intriguing to see a type of dystopia exist in which 'singledom' was so vilified to the point of actually being against the law. I would never have previously thought that such a state of events was possible, but recent trends in 'political correctedness' on the one hand and both religious and political radicalism on the other means that, sadly, nothing is impossible anymore. I thought it was a remarkable idea for a film, and both the soundtrack and cinematography were outstanding. The bizarre script and bold direction brought forth some of the best acting I have yet seen from Colin Ferrell, Rachel Weisz and John C. Reilly, as well.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing other films by this brazenly original writer/director. Long may his almost-Bunuelian take on things go forth.
This was Yorgos Lanthimos' English language debut. It was really funny. All of the actors had to perform their lines straight-faced and with no emotion which is very strange at first.

The screenplay and direction of the film was very intelligent and perfectly highlights the themes of the film. This film was very quirky and unique and so I really enjoyed it.


Lobster – Wikipedia ~ Dies ist eine Begriffsklärungsseite zur Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselben Wort bezeichneter Begriffe

Hummer – Wikipedia ~ Um den Bestand zu schützen dürfen angelandete Hummer bestimmte und regional unterschiedliche Mindestlängen nicht unterschreiten Etwa in Massachusetts wo eine CarapaxLänge von mindestens 3 14 Zoll ca 8 cm vorgeschrieben ist In SchleswigHolstein beträgt die Mindestlänge inklusive Rostrum 11 cm Der Fangertrag lag 2009 bei 100000 t des Amerikanischen Hummers und bei etwa 4500 t

Globster – Wikipedia ~ Als Globster bezeichnet man große knochenlose und gummiartige Kadaver die an verschiedenen Stellen des Meeres an den Strand gespült heute konnte nicht immer geklärt werden worum es sich handelte In einem Fall wurde von Walblubber ausgegangen allgemein könnte es sich um Walkadaver oder deren Überreste handeln

Giorgos Lanthimos – Wikipedia ~ Leben Lanthimos wurde in Athen geboren und lernte an der Stavrakos Film School das Regiehandwerk In den 1990ern war er Regisseur bei verschiedenen Videos für griechische Tanztheater sowie für Werbefilme Musikvideos und experimentelle Theaterstücke

Amerikanischer Hummer – Wikipedia ~ Der Amerikanische Hummer Homarus americanus auch Nordhummer oder MaineHummer genannt ist eine Art der Zehnfußkrebse aus der Familie der Hummerartigen Nephropidae

Karl Heinz Willschrei – Wikipedia ~ Leben und Wirken Willschrei wurde bereits 1942 Halbwaise sein Vater fiel im Krieg Er wuchs mit der Mutter in einem Arbeiterviertel von Essen auf Nach dem Abitur studierte er in München und Wien Theaterwissenschaft Germanistik Philosophie und Zeitungswissenschaft 1965 promovierte er mit einer Arbeit über „Die poetischen Gattungen und ihr Verhältnis zur Bühne“

Sfogliatelle – Wikipedia ~ Sfogliatelle sfɔʎʎaˈtɛllɛ von italienisch sfoglia Blätterteig Singular Sfogliatella ist eine italienische Gebäckspezialität aus Neapel Das Gebäck stammt aus dem Kloster Santa Rosa in der Nähe von Salerno und besteht in der heutigen Form aus einer kegelförmigen Blätterteigtasche mit einer süßen Ricottafüllung mit Zimt und Orangenblütenaroma

Heinz Baumann – Wikipedia ~ Leben und Karriere Baumann war zu Beginn seiner Schauspielerkarriere vor allem auf der Theaterbühne tätig Einem breiten Publikum wurde er 1960 durch seine Rolle des Martin Hartog in der Filmkomödie Das Spukschloß im Spessart an der Seite von Liselotte Pulver bekannt Weitere Film und Fernsehproduktionen machten ihn schnell zu einer festen Größe in der Medienlandschaft

Tilli Breidenbach – Wikipedia ~ Leben Tilli Breidenbach wuchs in Köln auf wo sie nach dem Abitur zunächst Germanistik Romanistik und Kunstgeschichte studierte An der Schauspielschule der Kölner Bühnen erlernte sie schließlich den Schauspielberuf Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg gehörte sie u a zum Ensemble des Staatstheaters Darmstadt zwischen 1948 und 1950 spielte Breidenbach am Landestheater in Kiel Engagements in

Nicholas Brendon – Wikipedia ~ Leben Schultz spielte während der Highschool Jahr nach dem Abschluss musste er jedoch seine Karriere als ProfiBaseballer wegen einer Armverletzung beenden

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